Best Natural Menopause Hormone Replacement Supplements

By Wendy Melton

  • Overview

    With the dangers and side effects that are now being associated with hormone replacement therapy becoming more prevalent, many woman are looking to natural hormone supplements as a safer alternative. Natural hormone supplement come in many forms and are safe and effective if used correctly.
  • Natural vs. Synthetic

    One of the main things to remember about any synthetic hormone, vitamin or supplement is that the human body will not assimilate well. Synthetic substances do not break down well in the body and therefore will not provide maximum benefit. Natural hormones are broken down and absorbed easily by the tissues in the body. The body will be able to break the natural substance down more completely, therefore more of it will be utilized by the system. You also need to be aware of what some people refer to as "natural." Premarin is a natural substance, in some aspects, but it is not natural to the human body.
  • Function

    Technically they do work the same. The difference comes from how they are assimilated and used by the body. As the body breaks down a natural hormone or substance, it is broken down in stages. Because the body is able to break it down almost completely, there is little residue left in the tissues and nutrients are absorbed and used by the body as they are needed. If they are not needed and can not be stored, they are flushed from the system. Synthetic hormones on the other hand are broken down much more slowly. What the body can not break down and use is either absorbed by tissues (such as the liver) or eliminated. Since the break down process is slower, more of the nutrients are lost instead of being used.

  • Origin

    Wild yam, raspberry, black cohosh, licorice and soy products are all natural estrogen producers. Damiana, dong quai, red clover and others are also ideal when used to balance hormone levels. Some herbs have contraindications, so it's wise to seek the help of a Natural Health practitioner to find out which ones are safe for you to use. Soy products can be added to your diet, and have the added bonus of being high in protein and low in fat.
  • Forms

    Natural herbal hormones come in many forms. Soy products can be added to your food. Soy milk has become very popular. Some of the herbs can be found in capsule or tablet form, while others like wild yam, can be found in the form of a cream. Using a spot of cream about the size of a pea and rubbing it into a fleshy area on the body will allow it to be absorbed naturally through the skin, allowing it to start working almost immediately.
  • Warnings

    As with any supplement, check with your physician before starting any new herbal program. Licorice, for example, should be avoided if you have a heart condition or hypertension. Research any supplement thoroughly before beginning a new program. Consulting with a physician and a natural health consultant will allow you to make wise and informed decisions. Natural hormones are safe and effective when taken according to your body's needs and their specifications.
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