Natural And Organic Garden Pest Control

Natural and organic garden pest control: tips and remedies for keeping pests out of your garden.

Most of us who love gardening want to keep our plants clear of unwanted pests, from japanese beetles to cutworms, but many of us don't want to use the harsh chemical sprays that seem to do the trick. There are ways to beat or at least minimize the effects of these bugs and their friends, and they are natural remedies.

One of the best cures for the "bad bugs" is to attract the good ones. Among your garden also plant zinnias, marigolds, cosmos, dill and daisies. These are only some of the plants that will attract beneficial bugs.

Another natural enemy to insects is birds. Place a feeder near your garden.

If you have a small garden, handpicking the insects and worms off your plants may help considerable. Find a field guide to help you identify the bad bugs from the beneficial ones. Once you have picked the pests, use them to make a natural bug spray. (If bugs make you queasy this may not be for you.) Take 1/2 cup of the bugs and mash them up in 2 cups of warm water. Strain through a sieve. For 1/4 cup of the bug juice add 1 1/2 cups of water. Spray this on the plants you pulled them from to deter any new bugs from taking up redidence.

Another natural spray, straight from Grandma's kitchen, is to finely chop up some hot peppers and then soak them in a pint of water overnight. Strain them and then spray the juice on plants. This one works great on most plants, including flowers.

As well as using hot peppers to make a bug spray, you can make a similar one out of garlic or onions.

Along with these simple solutions, similar natural gardening tips can be found in a variety of gardening books and encyclopedias. If a particular tip doesn't work for you just try another. You will find that the best way to be free of pests is a natural one.

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