Natural Ways To Promote Hair Growth

Ways to improve hair quality and speed up growth naturally.

Although there is no magic way to make hair grow at a very fast rate, there are certain things you can do and not do to lessen hair damage, improve hair quality and have longer hair in a slightly shorter amount of time.

First of all, take care of yourself and eat a well-balanced diet.Cut back on your smoking and caffeine habits for better health.Avoid fats and sugars.Take a basic vitamin like a once daily formula.Try to find a vitamin that contains one or more of the following: biotin, zinc, B-6, folic acid, magnesium, sulfur beta-carotene, and/or silica.These are very good for your hair and, if your body is healthy and you feel well, it will be reflected in the condition of your hair.Do not feel the need to spend extra money on a "better" vitamin; as long as the ingredients are there, the results will be the same.There are several "hair vitamins" on the market, but they're made of the same ingredients as a daily vitamin, so you don't need to purchase these types of products to get the results you want.Also, do not exceed the recommended dosage as doing so can be harmful, even fatal.Consult a physician if you have any questions about starting a vitamin regimen.

It has been proven that a diet rich in protein will promote healthy hair growth.Include as much protein in your diet as you can.Some people suggest taking calves' liver, brewer's yeast, wheat germ or granulated lecithin to improve hair's vitality and speed up growth with protein.Or, include protein in what you eat.Some protein-rich foods include soy (tofu), yogurt, eggs, fish and beans.

Try not to over-process, over-style or over-brush your hair.Limit the number of perms or colorings you get.Also, limit the amount of time your hair spends in a pony tail and limit the amount you brush your hair.All of these things can cause damage to the hair and that will cause breakage.It is much easier to grow out your hair when it isn't constantly breaking off.

Try to buy better quality hair products.Avoid drug store shampoos and conditioners that read "ammonium laurel sulfate" or "silicon" on the label.Those are very harsh ingredients that will actually dry out your hair and cause damage to it, no matter how moisturizing the product claims to be.You can find better hair products for sale at a salon.You'll probably pay more for them, but it'll be worth it.It is also suggested to put on hot oil treatments each week (available at drug stores) to protect and improve the hair's shaft.

It has been shown that significant stress levels can inhibit your hair's growth.Try reducing stressful situations and take up relaxation techniques, like meditation.

There is no miracle cure for slow hair growth, but following these tips can help your hair grow a little faster and come in looking a lot healthier.Maintain a healthy diet and be good to your hair and it will be good to you.

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