Do You Have The Necessary Camping Tools?

You'll need some necessary camping tools, here is a list of suggestions.

When you plan that camping trip don't forget to bring along a few necessary tools so you will be prepared. I have a few suggestions that might help in your plan on what to take on that camping trip.

You will need a knife and I would recommend that you take along one at least 4-5 inches with a thin, flat blade to be able to slice many foods such as meat and also fruit, etc. The reason I suggest a thin flat blade is that it is very hard to slice some vegetables and fruits with a thick blade. There will be many knives to choose from where you might buy those camping supplies. These would include a folding knife and I would say to buy a 4 inch long, thin, flat blade that's easy to take care of such as a carbon steel one. I think you actually need to bring two knives and I always take along a folding knife plus the 4 inch long, thin, flat bladed knife so I am fully prepared for any type of use. Be sure to pick up a stone for sharpening these knives also as you might very well need to do a little sharpening at the campsite.

If you are planning to build a camp fire you will need to have a wood splitting tool along on the camping trip. You won't have the room to bring along a big axe, but if you feel you do then by all means bring that big axe along. I usually bring along a hand axe as it can be used to split the wood into 12 inch lengths or even longer. I do not chop with this axe as it is only for splitting the wood, not as a chopping tool. I also do prefer a steel hand axe. I think that kindling will split easier from the end grain and find it easier if I use a stick of wood to hold the piece upright.

I also bring along a folding saw as I have another person in the camping party put the axe gently into the end grain of the wood and I pound it through with a chunk of log. There are aluminum-framed folding saws sold in stores that carry camping gear but I find that they are very flimsy and you aren't able to cut very big logs with this type of folding saw. There are folding saws that are very well constructed and have replacement blades. I would suggest bringing along a replacement blade just in case your other blade gets very dull after use.

I am going to include in my list of necessary tools for camping a few items one might not consider to be tools but these are very necessary.

I would bring a sleeping bag and I would suggest purchasing a bag with down as it lasts for years and years. A tent is very necessary for sleeping overnight as you will need shelter from the weather and I would also make sure that you bring along a groundsheet for the floor of your tent as these will prevent pooled surface water from entering. You will need the proper clothing and also footwear for camping. I also bring along the following: a camp stove, rain tarp, butane lighter, canteen bottles, sierra cup for a ladle, pliers, duct tape, rope and also one of those little tiny sewing kits. Don't forget a really good flashlight or perhaps two or more depending on the amount of people in the camping party. Also don't forget those utensils for cooking and also eating, be prepared. There are lots of items to bring along that I haven't mentioned, but I have covered the most essential: don't forget the paper products and zip lock bags for your trash.

If you will bring along necessary tools for camping you will have a safer, more efficient and a much enjoyed camping trip, so remember to plan ahead.

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