Neck Pain Relief

Reasons why we have neck pain and how to find relief of this excruciating pain.

What is neck pain and how does one find relief after experiencing this type of pain? Neck pain is usually a result of a strain or spasm in the muscles of the neck, which also includes pain in the shoulder area. The pain can also be caused by inflammation in the joints of the neck, arthritis, or damaged disks.

Muscle strain occurs when one sleeps on a pillow that doesn't support the neck properly, such as, sleeping with a twisted neck (happens when sleeping on stomach), lying down reading or watching TV with the neck in an awkward position, improper positioning of the computer monitor, working too long in front of the computer without a break, sitting hunchback while working at one's desk, stress, and injuries to the neck.

Knowing this, how can one prevent neck pains in the future?

· Using good posture while walking, sitting, and sleeping.

· Avoid slouching.

· Avoid keeping your head bent forward for long periods of time.

· Exercise the neck muscles by using stretching exercises geared towards the neck.

· Avoid sitting for long periods of time without getting up or changing positions.

· Adjust the computer monitor so that the top of the computer screen is at eye level.

· Use a document holder that attaches to the side of the computer screen, instead of looking down at the paper, which increases neck strain.

· Learning to type without having to look at the keyboard will also decrease neck strains.

· Getting a headpiece, or a speakerphone, will also decrease neck pain for those who spend more than a half hour at time on the phone.

· When driving in one's car, consider sitting the seat straight up and down.

· Purchase a hard mattress instead of a one with a lot of cushions.

· Purchase a neck support.

· If stress is the cause for the pain, consider relaxation exercises.

Home remedies that may help ease some of the pains associated with neck pain are:

· Place an ice pack, such as a bag of frozen peas, on the neck for fifteen minutes.

· Never use heat to sooth neck pain.

· Sitting in a lukewarm tub of water, or a Jacuzzi, with jet streams hitting the soar muscles will also help to decrease the swelling of the neck muscles.

Neck pain should never be masked with pain relief medications, such as aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen. If your neck pain is severe and constant, seek the help of your doctor or chiropractor.

When home remedies do not seem to relieve the neck pains, chiropractic care may be needed. Sometimes, the nerves in one's neck may become pinched, causing inflammation in the muscles. To relieve the pain, one has to un-pinch the pinched nerves.

Caution: Meningitis can cause neck pain. If you experience neck pain along with headaches, fever, sleepiness, vomiting, and/or loss of consciousness, get to your doctor right away. While viral meningitis is not usually life threatening, bacterial meningitis can be life threatening if left untreated.

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