Do You Need A Company Newsletter?

Publishing a company newsletter can serve many purposes to get your name into the community and enhance your image with customers.

Publishing a company newsletter can bring many benefits to your small or home-based business. Even if you are not good at writing or know nothing about publishing, you can either hire a freelance writer to do this for you or learn a few basics to get the job done. The following pointers may be of help.

1. A newsletter can keep you apprized of your client base. Collect a list of people who buy regularly from you or at least who browse your services, whether it be on the Website, over the telephone, or at a specific location. Ask guests or clients to sign a guest book indicating by a checkmark whether they want to receive the newsletter. Those who do will comprise your client base. You can input this to a database on your computer, and at a glance, find out how many customers you have and who your regulars are.

2. A company newsletter can keep your customers up-to-date with the latest products and services. You won't have to try and reach each one individually by telephone or letter. Simply mail your newsletter each month or perhaps every other month. It should include information on your company's latest developments and newest services. You can include product or service features, customer testimonials, related tips or articles, and special discounts or sales. The newsletter will serve not only as a vehicle for your company's products but also as a communication medium that your clients may come to welcome and appreciate.

3. The newsletter reminds customers that you are there to meet their needs. Sometimes new or not-yet clients forget you are out there or how to reach you. A regularly-published newsletter keeps your name before the client at regular intervals. Soon, the next time they need your service, your name will come to mind and you will ring up another sale. That is why many organizations send out free calendars and planners as gifts, but a newsletter offers timely and useful information.

4. Your newsletter should be free and offered as a public service. This allows customers to associate your company name with community support and personal assistance. They will appreciate the fact that you send a free publication that provides helpful advice without expecting anything in return. The next time they need a service in your line of work that must be paid for, they may remember your publication with gratitude, especially if it comes with tips or a timeline for getting related work done.

5. The newsletter can take a variety of forms. You can do a monthly or quarterly mass mailing to the customers or potential clients you want to reach. Or you can keep a stack sitting on the office counter for folks to pick up. Another distribution method lets you tuck a copy into an invoice mailing or other company literature. Finally, you can use the Internet to put up a Website and publish a free ezine (online newsletter) that is sent to subscribers' email addresses.

Don't hesitate to make use of this useful mechanism for reaching out to your clients and increasing your customer base. If you want to include useful, related articles but don't like to write, you can buy Web content fairly cheaply.

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