Do You Need An Eye Check-Up?

If you're wondering whether it's time to have your vision checked, here are a few tips that may help you make that decision.

Vision is a precious gift. With healthy eyes we can see our surroundings, enjoy the people around us, and even glimpse our own features in the mirror. Although people with dimmed or no vision manage very well, being able to see clearly is a wonderful asset in life.

If you're beginning to wonder if it's time for a vision examination, here are some points to consider that may help you make that decision:

1. Written words are fuzzier than they used to be. If newspapers, books, and letters are a little less clear than before, it may be time to have your eyes checked. Aging vision, called presbyopia, can result in a setting of the pupil so that eyes become less flexible than before. The result is that you may have trouble reading certain forms of print. Since tired eyes, or eye strain, can lead to a similar effect, having an eye exam can produce a diagnosis and appropriate treatment, if any is needed.

2. You have to hold printed material closer to you or further away than before. This is another indication that your eyes may be more rigid in the way they admit light and adjust your vision process. If you find this is happening routinely, or even from time to time, schedule an eye exam to find out what is causing the problem.

3. You need to re-read some lines of print to understand them correctly. This may result from dyslexia, when the eyes play tricks with a printed page by rearranging word parts so that upon first reading, they appear scrambled, requiring a second read for clarity.

4. You are experiencing blurred, faint, or double vision. These symptoms may indicate vision problems or an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes, that warrants a medical checkup. You can start with a vision examination before deciding if you also need to see your primary medical doctor for further testing.

5. You may note physical changes in your eyes. If they water excessively, or are extra dry, or perhaps look reddish on the lids or rims, you may have a skin or vision condition that requires treatment by over the counter medications, like eye drops. Or you may need an antibiotic for an inflammation or infection, like conjunctivitis or pink eye. Sometimes eye strain can result in these symptoms as well, so get an eye checkup to find out what is going on.

6. You are aged forty-five or older. As we move towards middle age, it is a good idea to get an overall body exam, including vision. Our bodies go through many changes over the years, and vision may be impacted by some of these adjustments. Even if you are seeing just fine, get your eyes checked to catch early indications of glaucoma, cataracts, or other eye conditions or diseases.

Never take your vision for granted. Protect it carefully by getting your eyes checked for any of the above reasons, or at any time you feel that an examination is warranted. If in doubt, ask your doctor or another medical professional.

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