What You Need To Know About Videographers And Microphones

What you need to know about videographers and microphones. Generally speaking audio is the one thing that viewers tend to pickup on the most in terms of mistakes. Generally speaking audio is the one thing...

Generally speaking audio is the one thing that viewers tend to pickup on the most in terms of mistakes. If there is bad video, viewers tend to be more forgiving of that than they are of bad audio. So a good question is to find out if your videographer uses wireless microphone technology for the groom or if they use any type of secondary microphone that might sit on the alter/ The microphone on the camera generally won't pickup as good a quality of audio as a wireless microphone or another source of audio. Most videographers do offer that and it's usually included in their package, but that would be a good question to ask. Usually the videographer will ask if it's okay to mike the groom. I have definitely had brides and grooms who have chosen not to be miked. When that happens usually we use another form of wireless microphone that I can leave on the alter so I can get to their vocal range without disturbing their clothing that day or their photographs. Most of the time you can hide a wireless microphone without any problem and it won't be visible in the photograph. It should be generally assumed that if the microphones are turned on before the ceremony that anything happening would certainly not be included in the video, but that is something you could discuss with the videographer. Having the couple miked is really the best route to go if you want crystal clear audio. Otherwise, if it's all coming off the microphone on a videocamera and we can't hear it, we have to crank it up, it might distort more and things like that.

I also use a headset so that I can communicate with my assistants and that's very helpful because during the ceremony we can whisper to each other and setup shots ahead of time. You get a much better quality video that way, because the main videographer will be able to think ahead to when the video is going to be edited and shoot in a way that will make editing the video a little bit easier and of better quality. If they don't have any way to communicate with each other that could be a sign that the final edited video might not be as good as a videographer who does have a way to communicate during the ceremony with their assistants.

One other quick thing about the wireless microphones would be that you want to make sure that your videographer knows enough to speak with whoever is running the event to make sure that his or her microphones or two way radios are not going to interfere with anything that's being used at the venue.

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