What Do You Need To Wallpaper Your Home Yourself?

You can wallpaper your home yourself with these tips and instructions. Find out what tools and supplies you'll need by reading this article!

Wallpapering rooms is a relatively easy way to brighten up your home! Wallpaper comes in a multitude of colors, styles, and patterns, so you can always find a print that will suit your decorating needs. Plus, if you have plastered walls that are rough, or that shows signs of repairs, wallpaper will cover up the repairs beautifully! If the walls are very rough, you might need to apply a wall liner first. The liner can even cover up wall paneling and cement blocks, or cracks, crevices, and other imperfections.

To get started on this decorating project, you'll need to collect some tools and supplies together. For example, if you need to remove old wallpaper off the walls, you'll need some help, especially if the room you're working on is large in size. If you're going to remove a lot of paper, it would probably be worth the money to invest in a power steamer wallpaper remover. This tool is powered by electric. It doesn't need any chemical solution to help it do its job, just tap water! It's powered by electric, and it works by turning tap water into steam. The steam actually releases the glue on the back of the wallpaper making it easy to remove. A power steamer is especially useful if the wallpaper resists letting go.

If the room you're working on is small, such as a nursery, or the existing paper on the wall comes off easily, you might choose to use a remover in a bottle instead. There are products on the market that are premixed, so you don't have to mess with mixing any chemicals. The thick, gel types are usually the best to use because they don't drip or run down the walls when you spray it on.

You can also use a scoring tool to help the project go easier yet! This tool comes in either a single head or a triple head which is attached to small wheels. All you do to use it, is to run it over the wallpaper. The head makes holes or perforations in the wallpaper. The perforations allow the wallpaper remover to soak clear through to the back of the paper. If you're trying to remove several layers of paper that are pasted on top of each other, then a scoring tool is a must!

Once the walls are ready for paper to be applied, you should have a large container to put warm tap water in. You can buy containers that are wide enough for such a project, or, you can use an old, plastic baby bath tub.

You'll also need a smoothing brush, a seam roller, and a trimming knife. The smoothing brush is a large, wooden brush that has long, rather soft, plastic bristles. True to its name, this tool is used to smooth out the wrinkles and air pockets that get in the wallpaper when you press it to the wall.

The seam roller looks like a mini paint roller, but it's used to seal both sides of a seam together.

And, of course, the trimming knife is used to cut sheets of wallpaper. It's also used to trim off pieces that are too long or wide.

Once you have your tools and supplies, you are now ready to wallpaper your home!

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