Need Help Writing A Resume?

Need help writing and fine tuneing your resume? Learn how to use the combination format to the best of your advantage.

The combination resume combines both your skills and your track record. If you are looking to change careers, and want to highlight your skills, a combination resume is a great way to look good on paper. Here is how to lay it out!


This is the first area on the resume. Highlight your general skills, such as creativity, independent working, deadline-oriented, etc. Emphasize your experience as well as skills. A good example of this would be "Designer with 15 years of experience, including freelance and advertising agency work. Extensive experience in meeting deadlines, creative interpretation, and graphic artwork. Proficient in a variety of software suites." By writing a summary, you can press the reader to read further by highlight experience, skills, and specific background.


This is the second area on the resume. Write the job titles and duties here. Make sure that your job descriptions do not over lap. For example, if you are a career administrative assistant, make sure you list the job title as administrative assistant, and list EVERY duty you performed during your admin. career. This is great for lateral moves with changes in job titles, but not duties. List the titles! Also, add any volunteer experience, adult education, etc. to this area. If you are changing careers, DO NOT leave this information out! List all the software you are familiar with. Basically, every thing you feel that puts you as advantage should be listed in this section!

Work History

This is where you list your work history.


List your college credits, and any certifications you may hold.

Other Information

List awards, hobbies (such as web page design, not baking!) and other important information.

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