New Hair Styles Without Cutting

If you're interested in changing your look without regrets or commitments, check out these easy ways to spice up your hairstyle!

When it's time for a hot new look, most people automatically turn to the swirling vinyl chair and scissors.That's not always necessary!If you've slaved away to keep your hair healthy and growing, there's no need to chop it all off just because you're in a self-image funk.Here are some simple, no-regret solutions for spicing up your hairstyle.

Changing your part will add instant volume and recreate your look in a matter of seconds.You can go from your normal middle part, "hippie chic" look to total glamour a la Catherine Zeta-Jones just by switching to a low side part.To decide whether to part it on the left or the right, pull your hair into a ponytail and study your face.It's not usually noticeable, but if you look closely for it, one eye may seem smaller than the other.Put the part above that eye.You can also make a zig-zag part to add a funky, trendy edge to your cut by running a rat-tail comb or your finger in a zig-zag pattern from forehead to crown, then lifting the hair up and letting it fall to each side.Playing with your part is especially effective for mixing up your look if you've had certain highlighting techniques done (minking, for example).

To bring out your eyes and give the illusion of grown-out bangs, you can part your hair on the side and sweep the front section across your forehead, tucking the ends of your hair behind the ear opposite your part.If you have long, layered hair, you can make it look as if you took the plunge and placed yourself in the hands of someone wielding scissors.Pull the longer sections back, and tie them into a bun, leaving the shorter front pieces free to frame your face.

As far as products go, you can use anything from shampoo to wax to change your look.Check into a thickening or color-enhancing shampoo.The best variety of those can probably be found in a salon.Shine sprays make your hair look healthy, even if it's not.Be careful not to use too much, as you may risk looking greasy.Waxes add separation to medium length locks and are usually clear or metallic-looking.Put wax just on the tips to add separation, texture, and sometimes a glimmer of color.

Play with the texture of your hair to give your overall look a jolt.If your hair's straight, put it up in a set of hot rollers for a romantic look.For a classic, clean-cut look, curly girls can straighten their ringlets with the help of a ceramic heating iron (don't forget the heat-protectant spray!).Wavy-haired girls who want to pump up their fun factor and look like they spent the day romping on the beach can use a texturizing spray and scrunch.

If you're feeling bold, amp up the color.We mentioned color-enhancing shampoo, but they're gradual and subtle.If you want drama, wander down the aisles of your local drug store, and check out the variety.You can try a neon temporary spray that lasts until you wash your hair or a semi-permanent (6-12 shampoos), demi-permanent (12-28 shampoos), or permanent color.If you choose to not use the temporary spray, try not to stray more than two shades away from your current color.Other changes, like dark brown to platinum, are better left to the pros.

Highlights can be a quick way to brighten up your hair and face while letting you control how much or how little hair gets lightened through use of a traditional highlighting cap and hook, or new brush-on methods.Beware:Dark-haired beauties seeking golden strands may get orange instead if they're not careful, so read the box before you buy!A new subcategory of highlighting for kids includes colors like pink, purple, orange, and blue.With these, you lighten the hair to remove all pigment where you want your wild streaks, and then apply the color on top.All highlighting kits fall under the "permanent" category, so if you opt for magenta streaks, you might want to make sure that your boss isn't going to fire you Monday morning for breaking the dress code!

The things you can do to change your hair are limitless once you get the notion out of your head that you have to cut your hair to change your style. Long hair doesn't have to be boring.Just keep your strands trimmed and healthy, and your hair will always be versatile.

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