How to Get a New Paypal Account

By Heather Rutherford

  • Overview

    PayPal was created in 1998 to offer payment solutions for a budding community of online auction websites. PayPal is now offered by more than 100,000 online stores. It is a secure payment method used to prevent the theft of personal information and allows for speedier checkout where accepted. Setting up a new PayPal account is always free and requires little more than an email address and bank account or credit card.
    How to Get a New Paypal Account
    • Step 1

      Visit the PayPal website and click on the "Sign Up" link located on the top-right side of the screen.
    • Step 2

      Fill in the country and language fields and choose a type of account: personal, premier or business. A personal account is best if you shop online often. A premier account is best if you purchase and sell items online. A business account is set up in the name of a business to send and receive money. For more information about specific fees and features, visit the "Fees" link located on the very bottom of each page.

    • Step 3

      Fill in name, address and phone number. A phone number is needed to notify the account holder of any suspicious behavior made on the account. Submit credit card information to begin shopping instantly, or skip this step to fill in bank account information later.
    • Step 4

      Link a bank account or credit card to the new PayPal account. This is needed to add funds to the PayPal account. To add a bank account, enter the account and routing numbers. For a credit card, enter the account number and CVS number, when applicable.
    • Step 5

      Log in to the new account and begin exploring.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Tip: Verify the bank account information through the "Verify This Account" link in the account information center. This will allow for money to be transferred directly from the PayPal account into the bank account.

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