Nifty Gifts To Make From Roses

Learn how to make real rose water perfume, a tin of your own special rose sugar, or a basket of rose petal potpourri.

Roses are beautiful to look at, have an intoxicating smell and are the grand dames of any flower garden.

Here are a few wonderful gifts to make from rose petals.

Rose sugar

1 c. granulated sugar

1 rose head, any variety

1 decorative jar that will hold 1 cup of sugar/ with tight fitting lid

Carefully remove all petals from the rose and place them attractively in the bottom of the decorative jar. Fill the rest of the jar with the sugar. Shake the jar a couple of times. After a week or so the sugar will have absorbed the essence of the rose.

Rose sugar is sweeter than regular sugar and deliciously fragrant. Wrap a nice ribbon around the jar, and add it to a basket for a friend who enjoys tea. Adding a few packages of specialty teas to the basket and a mug make a beautiful personal gift for a friend.

Rose perfume

This is the same perfume that ladies of fashion wore centuries ago.


6 cups of rose petals, no stamens

6 cups of water

1 large aluminum pot

cheese cloth


perfume bottle with a tight fitting lid

Put all ingredients into the pot and bring to a boil. Then turn heat to simmer and cook for 2 hours. Strain the liquid through the cheesecloth several times until all pulp is removed. Let the perfume cool completely before pouring into a decorative perfume bottle.

Rose Water

Rose water is a staple found in most European and Italian homes. Rose water adds a light, sweet aroma to breads, pastries, glazes and teas.

5 or 6 rose petals

1 gallon of mineral water

1 gallon glass container with a tight lid.

1 aluminum pot that will hold a gallon of water

Add the rose petals to the water and boil for fifteen minutes. Remove petals from water after cool. Pour water into the glass container and use as needed.

Rose Beads

Some people believe that these beads were used to make the original rosaries, hence the name rosary.


6 to 8 cups of rose petals

10 cups water

1 aluminum pot

1 tablespoon of glycerin


Combine all ingredients in the pot and bring to a boil for 1 minute. Turn down to low and slowly cook for 3 or 4 hours until most of the water has evaporated and the petals have formed a paste. Pour mixture into a colander to get rid of excess moisture. When the paste is cool enough to touch form small beads, and use wooden toothpicks to make the holes. Note: if the paste doesn't stick together, add a teaspoon more of glycerin. Let the beads completely dry overnight then string into a rosary or necklace. When the beads come into contact with body heat they will emit the aroma of roses.

Rose Potpourri

4 or 5 cups of dried rose heads

favorite container

Pour the rose heads into a basket or decorative jar. Add scented oil for a stronger smell.

Decorative Rose Topiary


1 3-inch clay pot

1 Styrofoam ball, about the size of a tennis ball

1 8-inch long ½ inch dowel rod, painted brown or green

Spanish moss

Florist foam

Hot glue gun

Approximately 40 tea rose heads

Fill the clay pot with florist foam. Glue the top of the foam with Spanish moss to cover. Center the dowel in the center of the pot and place in the florist foam. Use glue to cover the Styrofoam ball with Spanish moss. Glue the entire ball with the rose heads, and fasten to the top of the dowel rod. Tie a ribbon around the pot.

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