Nizoral Hair Product Reviews

Nizoral treats dandruff, a common health issue.

If you are tired of dealing with dandruff, then Nizoral AD is the answer to your problems. Previously available only by prescription, Nizoral is now available over-the-counter. The product has been a Godsend for those dealing with the embarrassment of unsightly, white flakes.

Approximately one in three individuals suffer with scalp problems.Some have occasional itching and flakes while some fight a constant battle. Though dandruff has historically been viewed as a cosmetic problem, recent research suggests that the sloughing off of scalp skin is, in fact, caused by a fungus called P. ovale. In an effort to fight this fungal invasion, the scalp renews cells faster with the dead skin cells dropping away and being visible both on the hair shafts and often on the shoulders of the sufferer.

The active ingredient in Nizoral, ketoconazole, is an anti-fungal medication. The medication works by inhibiting the formation of fungal cell walls. By slowing and preventing the growth of fungal cells, the medication helps keep the root cause of flaking in check. The scalp does not accelerate cell production when the offending yeast cells are moderated, so the shampoo works by addressing the problem and not just the visible evidence.

Previously Nizoral was available only by prescription; however, many dandruff sufferers do not seek medical supervision for this common medical condition. Fortunately, those inclined to deal with dandruff at home can now purchase Nizoral AD at most major drugstores and general merchandise stores. The over-the-counter version is a one percent concentration rather than the 2 percent still available by prescription.

Nizoral is not intended to be a daily shampoo. The recommended usage is two times per week. The active medical ingredient is effective for up to seven days following a single use. There is no reason to medicate more frequently. The medication binds to the proteins in the hair, so the product is silently treating without being visible.Favorite shampoos and hair products can be used along with the product and on the off days with no reduction in effectiveness.

Like other shampoos, Nizoral is massaged in the hair and scalp and then rinsed away. It's recommended that the product be left on for 3 to 5 minutes before rising. A second lather and rinse is beneficial particularly with initial usage. Results are immediate and consistent with regular usage. Flakes are reduced or eliminated and itching is a memory from the past. The product should be used regularly for 2 to 4 weeks and then as needed.

Nizoral is safe for color treated and permed or straightened hair. Color may fade slightly quicker and curls may relax a bit faster than with a gentle shampoo treatment, but overall the product is hair friendly for those with special hair care concerns. This includes African-American consumers with ethnic texture and styles. Costly hair procedures are not damaged by Nizoral.

While many dandruff treatment shampoos have a medicinal odor during lathering and sometimes a lingering off-smell, Nizoral goes on with a basic soapy scent and washes away clean. It's not one of the must-smell shampoos on the market, but it certainly is not offensive. For those wanting a little extra flavor, styling products can be used to take up the scent slack.

Bottom line, Nizoral works. It's ten times more effective in combating excessive scalp yeast than other over-the-counter dandruff products. While other dandruff products were designed to combat flakes, Nizoral goes to the source of the problem""the yeast growth. Nizoral stops the yeast growth and eliminates the side problems that cause personal and social embarrassment. There is no reason to pack away black sweaters when this shampoo is in the shower caddy.

Nizoral users should mention scalp problems during annual medical check-ups. Though most sufferers can safety self-treat, an overgrowth of yeast can indicate a serious underlying condition like diabetes which fosters yeast growth. A medical doctor can order simple tests to screen for diabetes and other yeast related problems.

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