Non-Scary Halloween Costume Ideas

why not have a party at home or at church with everyone dressing up in non-scary costumes

Halloween can be a scary time for children and adults.It can be very unsettling to walk down the street at night past The Grim Reaper, Count Dracula, and Frankenstein, let alone dressing up as them.Instead of going out into the scary "underworld", why not have a party at home or at church with everyone dressing up in non-scary costumes?Here are some ideas you can use to make these costumes.

Story Characters:Great story Characters to dress up as are Raggedy Ann and Andy.You can make a wig out of red yarn, put on loose cotton gingham clothing and an apron for Raggedy Ann.Make up the faces with red circles for the cheeks, draw long eyelashes on your face, and black paint in a triangle shape on the nose.Another non-threatening character theme could be the Flintstones. These costumes can be purchased inexpensively from the store, or you can make them yourself by purchasing faux animal fabric for men and making tunics with ragged edges, and purchasing the appropriate colored dress for the women and girls and cutting a jagged edge for the hem.The hairstyles are easy to copy as well.

Bible Characters:For a church party, you can dress as bible characters.For just about any bible character, the costume is the same with possibly the exception of Adam and Eve.They would probably wear branches or short animal skins (not recommended for church parties).Everyone would wear a long robe, and women would wear a head covering in addition.Different characters, would add different accessories.The wise men would wear crowns and carry gifts.Shepard's would wear a head covering made from a towel and head band, and Moses, would carry around faux stone tablets of the Ten Commandments.

Historic figures:Historic figures also make fun subjects for holiday costumes. You could dress up in Early American clothing and pretend to be George and Martha Washington, or perhaps Betsy Ross and Ben Franklin.The clothes are easy enough to copy using things in your grandparent's closets, thrift, and costume stores.Finding the powdered wigs however, could take some legwork. On the other hand, you can dress as King Tut and Queen Nefertiti, by wrapping yourselves in sheets and adding gold bracelets and foil headbands.

Real Life Heroes:If you find history to be uninspiring, you can borrow your costume ideas from real life heroes.Dress up as your favorite Fireman, Policeman, or even clergy member.Perhaps you will want to dress up as you Mom or Dad, or have your kids dress up as you.You can choose to be your favorite sports heroes as well.

What you want to be when you grow up:If you still have not been able to come up with a costume idea that suits your fancy, try thinking about what you want to be when you grow up.(This applies to adults as well).Perhaps you can dress as an astronaut, a teacher, or a doctor.An adult can dress as their boss (as a sign of admiration, or course).Whatever your hearts desire is for yourself, you can dress up as it now to try it on for size.

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