How to find a non-traditional apartment

If you're searching for a non-traditional apartment, find out how you canlocate one with these methods.

If you're looking for a traditional apartment to rent, there are apartment houses that have individual living quarters within them. The units are set side by side, and one on top of the other. Some of these houses are relatively small and contain only two to four units. Other apartment houses, however, are rather large, and they can contain hundreds of living quarters that are all connected together.

You can easily find a traditional apartment by searching the classified ads in your local newspaper. The ads will give the basic details of the rental unit, such as the cost of the rent, the number of bedrooms, whether pets are allowed, the name and phone number of the person who's in charge of renting it out, et cetera.

However, you may be looking for a non-traditional apartment instead. Even though they are more difficult to find, you can still locate one. This type of living quarters might be one of several places. Examples of these places include a basement or an attic in a one family house, an attic or storage space above or inside a garage, or even a space that's large enough to live in above a commercial building. There are also non-traditional apartments found on boats, as guest houses on the grounds of a mansion, and in many other converted places.

Oftentimes, the landlords of these places will advertise in the local newspaper, as well, when they are seeking a tenant. Landlords also place rental ads in advertising circulars that are automatically distributed to people in a certain geographical area.

However, some people don't want the hassle of a hundred phone calls or more ringing in to their house or cell phone after they've placed such an ad. Therefore, they are more likely to rely on word of mouth advertising or referrals from family, friends, and neighbors. Or, to avoid the cost of an ad, landlords might advertise by placing a slip of paper with the details of their apartment on public bulletin boards. You can look for these ads in post offices, laundry mats, community centers, grocery stores, et cetera.

If you have an aunt or grandparent, for example, that has some extra space in their home, you might consider checking with them. You can probably easily turn the space into an apartment where you can live comfortably. And, if you happen to be a favorite niece, nephew, or grandchild, maybe your relative will give you a good deal on the rent! You might be able to exchange work- mowing grass, trimming hedges, cleaning their house, running errands for them, et cetera- for rent payments too!

Before you begin your search for your non-traditional apartment, you'll need to know what your housing budget is. Of course, you'll need to pay at least the rent. Some apartment rents include all of the utilities, or at least part of them. But you may also be required to pay the electric, the costs of the heating and water, the trash collection, cable TV, et cetera. Besides that, you'll need money from your budget to provide food, clothing, and transportation for yourself. Your transportation might be a car payment and insurance, or, it could be public transportation as in taking the city bus.

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