Where And How Is The Noritake China Made?

Where and how is the Noritake china made? Several factories around the world contribute to making Noritake China. We have several factories around the world, mostly in Japan. We have a factory, a very large...

We have several factories around the world, mostly in Japan. We have a factory, a very large and very efficient factory in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is off the coast of the India and they have a tremendous access to really high quality raw materials, the clay is really important and when you locate a china factory, there are three major things that you have to be concerned about. One of them is the raw materials available ... the availability of raw materials and the clay has to be really pure, really clean. You need very highly skilled crafts people who are capable of working, at the same task ... repetitive task ... over and over again and at really high quality. So, it is a type of craft that consists of lot of hand detail and hand glazing and things like that ... that is really is good in some countries, not so good in other countries. Finally you need very large investment to build the kilns and the machines that are used in adding the glazing as well as the distribution and the packaging and all the other stuff necessary. So, Sri Lanka has a big factory. We have a big factory in Philippines and then all of our bone china is made in Japan. Then we also use a few factories that we have joint ventures with where we help supply some of the technology and some of the materials used. There is a big one in Indonesia that we use as well.

As far as the manufacturing of china is concerned every type of china uses a different kind of manufacturing process, but the key is that porcelain is a vitrified product, in other words it is going to be fired at such a high temperature, that it basically solidifies the structure, so makes it much more chip resistant, makes it a much more thorough product. It won't absorb water and to make that you have to use quartz kaolin which is a mineral that's used in it and the clay has to be a really super high quality and then of course there is the glazes and there is the decorations and there is the banding, in essence making dinnerware. Any kind of dinnerware is an art, it is a science, it is a craft and there is a lot of technique involved in making that that's developed over years and years and something that Noritake and a lot of good manufacturers like Wedgewood, Lenox, and Denby among others have developed over the years as well.

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