Northern Pike Fish Information

Northern pike fish information to better understanding this interesting creature.

Take a long piece of strong muscle, add powerful teeth to one end, give it a big appetite and a mean disposition and you have Northern Pike. He believes in equal opportunity: they detest all living things, including themselves. If something goes near it and they can get it in their mouth they will eat it. Even five or six pound bass swimming in pike waters plays Russian Roulette when they think they can swim with the Water Wolves.

While casting a white spinner bait the angler hooked a small bass. As he reeled the bass to the boat the fisherman wondered what an alligator was doing in the water. The creature's large jaws opened as it took off like a torpedo with the bass and lure in its mouth. The angler set the hook again. This was a 33 inch pike. Even while in the net the pike looked at the angler with angry eyes. Sometimes a pike takes it easy when first hooked and goes berserk when it nears the boat. This particular fish became so irritated when hooked it pulled the bass and one treble hook off the lure and crushed the spinner bait like a walnut.

Different fish strike differently but the water wolf always hits with the vengeance of an oncoming train. Northern Pike are day feeders. If you want to do battle with the Water Wolf bring strong tackle and enough lures. Use a medium stiff five or six foot long rod with a level wind reel holding ten to twelve pound test line.

The three most successful lures are the perch or minnow colored 2 3/4 inch crank bait, a white or chartreuse spinner bait or a minnow colored rattling lure. The net should be strong enough for salmon or trout. Always use a fish disgorger or needle nose pliers to remove the hook and

NEVER hold a fish by its eyes. Even if released it will die.

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