How Not To Over Eat During The Holidays

Attending tons of holiday parties this season? Here are some tips to prevent overeating this time of year.

Right after the holidays, it seems that clothes go on strike and start to shrink. Suddenly, we have to lie down on our bed just to pull up the zipper on our jeans. Belts need to be readjusted and we have to wear them one hole looser. It is a natural phenomenon for women and men alike to gain a few holiday pounds due to the overwhelming presence of food that begins during the week of Thanksgiving and continues non-stop until New Year's Day. There are dinners to attend, office parties to make appearances at and potlucks galore. No doubt, each event will be catered with delicious foods and tempting desserts. Fortunately, you can still cheat a little during the holidays without gaining a dress size if you simply follow the following tips.

* Before attending a party where you know food (and fatty food, especially) will be in abundance, eat some nutritious snacks. Keep lots of fresh fruit and snacks like pretzel and low-fat popcorn in your refrigerator and pantry during the holiday season. An hour before leaving for the party, cut up some fruit and have a fruit salad or eat a small salad. It will fill your stomach enough so that you will not be ravenous when you get to the party.

* While at the party, instead of drinking soda or eggnog, ask for a glass of ice water. Sip on it constantly throughout the party so your stomach is always slightly full. In addition, it will save you the extra calories since carbonated beverages like soda and holiday drinks like eggnog are full of empty calories.

* If the party you are attending is a buffet or potluck style, you can be a little picky. Head straight to the dishes that are lower in fat, like the veggie, fruit or salad tray and the steamed vegetables. Load up your plate with these items first. Combined with the food you ate before the party and the water you have been sipping all night, one plate of these healthy foods should keep your appetite at bay.

* Reach for a small dessert plate for your potluck or buffet dinner. By filling up the smaller plate, you will feel as if you are eating much more than you actually are. Also, subconsciously, it might limit the number of times you go back to the buffet table, since you might feel a little self-conscious about continually heading back towards the food.

* While it may be tempting to drink alcohol at a holiday party (especially when it is free), do your best to limit your alcoholic intake. Alcohol is notorious for making a person feel more ravenous than they really are. You do not want to wake up the next day and have vague memories of yourself scarfing down half of a pumpkin cheesecake.

* Do not deny yourself something that you love. Maybe you look forward to green bean casserole all year long or perhaps you dream of your grandmother's old-fashioned sugar cookies. Let yourself have a little bit of the food you desire most. Of course, this is not an open invitation to gorge yourself on these food items. However, sometimes when you deny yourself a certain food, you begin to want it more and may find yourself eating it more if you succumb to temptation.

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