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Free numerology online! Determine you numerology birthpath number and also determine its meaning. This number will provide insight into your personality.

Numerology is the ancient science of numbers. It was first introduced and studied by the Greek philosopher Pythagorus around 530 B.C. It makes use of an interesting concept that a person's personality traits can be foretold by making a simple calculation using only the individual's birthdate. The result of this calculation is called the "lifepath number". While this may sound odd, as well as a bit foolish, the predictions made using this simple system are often surprisingly accurate. As you read on, you will learn how to determine your personal lifepath number and you will learn about the personality traits that accompany your number.

The calculation of the lifepath number is a simple one. To determine your lifepath number, add each of the digits in your date of birth together. If the sum of all the digits is 11 or 22, then you have found your lifepath number. If the numbers add up to any other two digit number, then add those digits together and repeat this process until you have a single digit or 11 or 22.

For example, my birth date is November 19, 1974. So I would add the digits as follows:



Therefore my lifepath number is 6. Or, if your birth date were January 8, 2000, you would add the numbers as follows:


Your lifepath number is 11.

Now that you calculated your lifepath number, you are able to learn more about its meaning. In the paragraphs that follow is a synopsis of the traits that accompany each individual number.

If your number is one, you are a very ambitious person. You are a born leader and need not depend on anyone. You are always willing to test out new theories and ideas. You have a lot of charisma and you like to stand out in a crowd. You like to be in charge, and while you are a strong leader, you have a tendency to be overly bossy. You may also be too impulsive at times and you have been known to go to extremes. Some career paths that make the most of your abilities include politics, show business, and owner of a small business.

If your number is 2, you are a very loving person. You like to examine and analyze things, but sometimes to go a little overboard with this. You have a tendency to get bogged down in the details and miss the bigger picture. You make a terrific partner, both in business and love. You were born to mediate and make peace. You have a tendency to keep your feelings bottled up for the sake of keeping harmony. Your main quest is to find the right relationship. Some career paths you might excel at include diplomatic positions, counseling, or partner in a small business.

If your number is 3, you are very outgoing and imaginative. You love life and have a magical excitement for everything about it. You love new adventures and have the energy to pursue them. Unfortunately, you make lack the ability to stick with things and have trouble completing projects. You consider it a tragedy to fall into a set routine. You crave constant change and you love to have a good time but you make lack a sense of responsibility. Some possible career paths for you might include press-related jobs, party planning, or public relations.

If your number is 4, you are responsible, practical, and very hard-working. You like to get things done and you are willing to put forth the effort to make it happen. You crave a familiar routine and hate for things to be up in the air. This can be a problem when it comes to new experiences. You need security in all aspects of your life and you have a knack for creating order from chaotic situations. You are not the type to take charge and you would rather be a team player. Some possible career choices that suit you include administrative jobs and support staff.

If your number is 5, you want it all. You love to take chances and will try anything once. You are always looking for your next conquest, whether business or romantic. You have a tendency to lose interest in things quickly and are easily distracted. You like the finer things in life and you are used to getting them. You become restless and bored very easily. You are never quite satisfied with the status quo. Things have to change constantly to hold your interest. Some career possibilities for you include any career where you can hold the limelight or anything that capitalizes on your never-ending bank of ideas.

If your number is 6, you are very reliable. You are a homebody. You are happy to be domestic and you love taking care of people and things. You have strong opinions that can be unyielding at times. When you give of yourself to take care of others, you may find yourself feeling under-appreciated. You yearn for feelings of safety and comfort. You prefer warm contentment to wild new adventures. You have a good heart but you have a tendency to play martyr at times and neglect your own needs. Good career choices for you include teaching, catering, nursing, or childcare.

If your number is 7, you are a definite individual. You tend toward the eccentric and are very spiritual. Your eccentricities and individuality may cause you to become something of a loner. You love to learn. You want to find answers to the mysteries of life and you like to be an observer. You have a tendency to separate yourself from others and appear aloof. Some of this might come from a fear of meeting the standards of you and others. Some career choices you might consider include research, science, or self-employment.

If your number is 8, you are very ambitious. You have set high goals for yourself and you have the drive necessary to achieve those goals. You crave power and control of all aspects of your life. Unfortunately, while you keep your eyes on the prize, you sometimes fail to notice the people you may have to step on to get to the top. You have a knack for handling money and are very decisive. You know what you want and you have what it takes to get it. Some good career ideas for you include business professional, president of a company, or politics.

If your number is 9, you are very creative. You are a creature of intuition and you have a knack for seeing the "bigger picture". Unfortunately, this broad view can sometimes cause you to overlook vital details. Your goal is to make to world a better place. You tend to be a dreamer and you have no lack of inspiration. You have the desire to make things happen, but bad habits sometimes get in your way. Some possible career paths that suit you include community leader, ministry, or union leader.

If your number is 11, you have a flair for the artistic. You have a grand vision and your main goal is enlightenment. You always look to expand your mind and you strive to share your enlightenment with others. You have a tendency to go to extremes and you sometimes lack the ability to be practical. It bothers you when others don't want to share in your vision, but it doesn't stop you from sharing it. Some possible career paths you might choose include artist or some kind of New Age/metaphysical business.

If your number is 22, you have a grand worldview. You are very practical and you have definite goals. You feel as though you are on a mission and you have a strong desire to make a difference in the world. You may feel as though you are misunderstood or born "ahead of your time". You also may feel as though you spread yourself too thin in your quest to create change on a global scale. Some possible careers include lobbyist, facilitating global networking via the Internet, or philanthropist.

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