Nursery Decor: How To Personalize And Customize Book Shelves In A Baby's Room

Ideas on what you can do to personalize and decorate bookshelves and other pieces of furniture in your baby's room.

A fun part of having a baby can often be getting the baby's room together. You can find many things at stores that are perfect for your baby's room, but generally bookshelves that match the theme are not very common. Many times if you wish to have a matching bookshelf you will have to go and create one on your own.

Much of this can be used on just about any piece of furniture since it is very rare to find large items such as bookcases and dresser that are made to match a specific theme.

First you need to know your theme and the colors that go with it. Then it is time to turn a plane old bookshelf into a beautiful piece to match that theme.

The first thing to do is to give the bookshelf a coat of primer. Follow that up with a coat of the main color that is in your theme over the main body of the bookshelf. You might wish to alternate colors and have the shelf it self by one color of the theme and the sides another. It generally looks best to have all items in a baby's room be as colorful as possible.

That is the easy part. In fact if that is all you wish to do then the bookshelf should fit nicely into the baby's room at this point. But there are still ways to add to it and make it something unique and personal.

A simple way to add to the bookshelf is to get stencils that fit with your theme and use them to paint designs on the sides or the face of the bookshelf. This style generally looks best when one alternates stencils and colors to give a nice variety to the piece. For some themes you can play around a lot with the stencils in order to create scenes and patterns that can be fun, such as stars around a moon or butterflies around a flower.

Another simple way to add to the bookshelf is wallpaper. Most themes have wall boarders that follow the theme. Take the wall boarders and put them up just like you would on the wall. Most wall boarders now days are self adhesive, but it does not hurt to add a coat of regular wallpaper paste to help keep them up. You can also take wallpaper or any kind of paper with images that match your theme and cut out the shapes and paste them on as desired around the bookshelf. Once more it can be fun to create scenes this way. You can mix and match all kinds of pictures from many sources to do this. If you are doing an animal theme you can find many different pictures of cute animals from various magazines and put them together on the bookshelf. Maybe make it look as though they are in a parade or having a picnic. This is the kind of thing that it is best to just have fun with and go with the flow.

If you are going to do this with a dresser most themes now have matching knobs for drawers that can be quickly switched out. Those same knobs can be used on other items as well. You can put attached bellow the shelf to give it a themed coat or towel hooks. They can also be placed in way to just give a layer of depth to the scenes on the bookshelf.

It really is not hard at all to do a little work on a simple bookshelf to make it match the theme you have picked out for your baby's room.

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