Nursery Decor: Shelving And Storage Ideas For A Baby's Room

Ideas and tips on how to create more storage space in a baby's room in order to help keep the clutter to a minimum.

One thing you never have enough of when you have a baby is space. But there are some simple ways to create that much needed space.

An easy and inexpensive way to create space is to line the ceiling in the room with simple shelves. All you need is pieces of 6 inch wide wood, long enough to go around the full boarder of the room and 'L' brackets. Paint the wood to match the color scheme of the room and then use the 'L' brackets to get the shelves in place. Put the 'L' brackets on the tops of the shelves to hide them. Make sure that the shelves are above the doorway and any windows in the room, generally about six inches from the ceiling. These shelves are perfect to display stuffed animals and other decorative items that are not going to be needed all the time and should be kept out of reach of children. This simple shelf can help to clean up the clutter of the little gifts that people give you that normally just get in your way on the dressers. These shelves will also be useful through out the years, since they are built into the room so the items displayed can just get changed as the child grows.

You can also hang shelves lower through out the room for items that need to be more accessible. Obviously you will not be able to go all around the room with these lower shelves. With these shelves they generally look best and are strongest when they are given lower braces as is the more traditional style of shelves. If you have the skill these shelves can be shaped or painted to match the theme of the room. There are kits out there that give you everything you need to get these lower shelves together and mounted on the wall.

Beyond shelves there are many items that are sold that can be used to really help deal with the space issue.

They make large flat plastic storage containers that fit easily under beds and cribs. These are often perfect to put clothing in that the child cannot wear yet, unused bedding supplies or extra diapers for those who keep a fair supply handy. These containers are readily available in your basic retail stores.

A handy space saver that is out there is a diaper bag that you can hang right next to the changing table. These can store a good deal of diapers and make it very handy to grab a diaper while changing your baby.

Since baby clothes are no where near as long as adult cloths, this normally means you do not use up as much closet space hanging baby and kids clothes. This gives a lot more room in a closet in a baby's room. You can take advantage of this space in many ways. You can add an extra pole to hang clothes on. There are temporary closet poles out there that can be removed with ease when the child gets older. You can also put in temporary shelves, such as the wire shelf kits that can be found in numerous stores. Or if the extra room is needed for just storage of items that are not going to be used regularly, then plastic storage containers are perfect for this. There are containers made to fit just about any sized closet.

No matter what there never seems to be enough room for all of what is needed for baby. One needs to make the most of the space they have in order to keep the clutter to a minimum.

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