Nursery Items For The New Baby

You're about to bring your new baby home. Check here to see if you have all of the essential nursery items first.

You're expecting a new baby and have no idea where to even start on decorating your nursery. Of course, while planning a theme and color scheme of the nursery walls is nice, you might want to worry about getting the essentials for the baby first so that you can plan your nursery around that. Here are the items that are absolutely necessary for the nursery to be ready when your new baby arrives home.

* Crib - Unless you want your baby to sleep on the floor of the nursery you may want to invest in a nice crib. While many of us like the look of an old antique crib, get a newer crib instead which you can be sure meets all safety standards. Along with the crib, you will want a crib mattress and several crib sheets.

* Blankets and Quilts - While your baby will not need a pillow just yet, she will need a few blankets or quilts. Make sure to get more than one so that when one gets dirty, you will always have a backup.

* Onesies, Mittens and Socks - Your baby can definitely go without the trendiest outerwear for a little while, but she will need some basic onesies for normal day to day wear. You will also want to provide her with many pairs of hand mittens so she does not scratch her face and socks so her little baby feet don't get cold.

* Bottles and Formula - If you do not plan on breastfeeding, have plenty of bottles on hand as well as a few cans of formula ready. You will want many backup bottles so you don't have to keep washing the same few bottles over and over. Many doctors recommend using distilled water, so keep a few jugs of these handy and ready for use to mix baby's formula. Also purchase a bottle cleaner to help sterilize those bottles.

* Burping Cloths and Diapers - For those first few months, believe it or not, your baby will be doing a lot of puking and a lot of pooping so you will want PLENTY of burping cloths and diapers at hand. With the diaper changing comes the need for several boxes of baby wipes, baby powder and rash cream. Also, for your dirty diapers, invest in a trash can that allows for a plastic liner and that has a tight lid.

* Car Seat - This should be one of your very first purchases. You will NOT be transporting your baby from the hospital to your home without having a rear-facing infant car seat. This is one of those items you will not want to skimp on. This device will be protecting your baby every time you get in that car and drive around, so look for the best quality car seat, not the cheapest or nicest looking one.

* Stroller - If you plan on getting out and going shopping or walking around the neighborhood or the mall, plan on getting a stroller. If you want to take your baby out on walks and jogs, nowadays, you can buy strollers that are built especially for that purpose.

* Basic Toiletries - A few other items you will need will be baby lotion (for that fresh baby smell), baby shampoo and soap, a soft infant hair brush, baby nail clippers and rubbing alcohol (used for cleaning baby's umbilical cord).

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