Nursing A Baby: Ways To Speed Up Milk Production

Find out ways to make your breastmilk flow.

Often new mothers are upset because they don't feel that their milk is coming in fast enough. Fears such as not being able to provide enough nourishment for their new baby, or that the milk will never come in can cause stresses which can actually prohibit quick milk production. New mothers who choose to breastfeed may want to simply trust in their bodies, that nature will provide, but there are a few things new mothers can do to help speed up milk production if they aren't willing to wait it out:

1. Relax and enjoy the experience of breastfeeding. The first thing a new mother needs to do is relax. The less stress she has, the better she will be able to cope with all the challenges of motherhood. This may seem like a catch 22 with all the new tasks of raising a newborn, but it can and should be done. Don't worry about asking your partner, friends or family to help out with household chores so that you have time to concentrate on baby.

2. Rest. Again, take the help those around you are no doubt offering and get enough rest. the more rested you are, the more comfortable the experience of breastfeeding will be.

3. Nurse frequently. The more you nurse, the more your breasts have to refill for the next feeding. Nursing is one of the absolute best ways to speed up milk production due to the simple law known as supply and demand.

4. Nurse with both breasts. Giving the baby one breast, then the other will allow both to become emptied and refill. If you just give baby one breast all the time, it will be producing milk regularly while your other breast may eventually become engorged and painful.

5. Don't be afraid to wake baby up for feedings. Frequent feedings will get your breast milk flowing, and although baby may want to nap now, your breasts may need emptying so they can begin the process over again. Occasionally waking baby for a feeding won't hurt sleep schedules which don't usually develop until at least three months of age, and it will benefit you both in the long run.

6. Express your milk. Even though you may feel baby has emptied your breasts out, there may be more in there. By expressing milk and freexing it for later use, you not only stimulate and increase milk production but you have a supply of breast milk in case an unexpected event occurs and you need to temporarily cease feeding from your breasts.

7. If all else fails, your doctor can prescribe a short time useage of an oxytocin nasal spray which will help to stimulate your let-down reflex. Oxytocin can give an added boost to milk production when your breasts just don't want to seem to cooperate.

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