About NutriSystem Side Effects

By Rena Sherwood

  • Overview

    About NutriSystem Side Effects
    NutriSystem is one of the most heavily promoted diet programs in North America, with annual earnings of $600 to $700 million. Celebrity spokespersons for NutriSystem include Marie Osmond, Tony Orlando and Billie Jean King. But like any diet, there can be side effects to using the NutriSystem program.
  • How NutriSystem Works

    NutriSystem involves basically buying all the food you eat from them. The meals, drinks and snacks are either ready to eat or have to be microwaved. Often the food does not even need refrigerating or freezing. The plan is geared for moderately active people, who exercise for 20 minutes at last three times a week. The diet is based on 25 percent protein, 20 percent fat and 55 percent good carbohydrates (which means the carbohydrates are low in fat and high in nutrients.) You are also encouraged to drink eight glasses of water a day and to log into the NutriSystem website for encouragement and diet counseling.
  • Side Effects

    Side effects from the NutriSystem food vary from individual to individual. Some people do not have any bad side effects at all. But bad side effects include constipation, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, gas, bloating, bad breath, moderate to severe headaches and flu-like symptoms. These symptoms will go away only when you stop eating NutriSystem food. Some people have also reported mood swings while on the NutriSystem plan.

  • Causes of Side Effects

    There are many reasons why NutriSystem food can cause bad side effects. One reason is the large amounts of preservatives and salt used in the food that some people may be allergic or have a low tolerance to. Many of the NutriSystem foods will also contain a lot of fiber, which can bring on digestive problems. Another reason is that any drastic switch in diet will often bring on negative side effects like digestive troubles. Any change in physical health often brings on negative changes in mood.
  • Warning

    Before going on any diet plan, please consult with your doctor, especially if you have diabetes or high blood pressure. Vegans will find very little choices in the NutriSystem menu. Also, NutriSystem is not guarenteed to make you lose weight and keep it off. Only a varied, low-fat diet and regular exercise can. Not smoking and not drinking alcohol to excess can also help you lose weight. Eventually, you will have to get off NutriSystem and make your own food.
  • Cost

    Another side effect of NutriSystem is to your wallet. The food is very expensive, with an average of $60 per week, plus you have to still buy your own water, and any fresh fruit or vegetables that your meals may require. If you stop the plan, you can mail back the uneaten food at your own expense.
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