Odd Jobs For Kids

5 ways in which kids can make money by doing odd jobs. This can help parents to teach their kids responsibility.

Teaching kids how to manage their money at an early age can help them to grow up to be responsible adults. It will teach them to pay their bills on time and to save for large purchases. They will most likely pass this lesson on to their own children one day. The following article offers ideas for odd jobs that kids can do to earn extra spending money.


This isn't just for girls anymore. The American Red Cross offers a babysitting course for kids to help train them to be a good babysitter. Babysitting is an excellent way for kids to earn extra spending money. The suggested minimum age for a child to baby-sit would be around age 13.

Dog walking

There are usually many dogs in any given neighborhood. Often times, their owners aren't able to take them for a walk every day. This is an excellent opportunity for a child to earn some extra spending money. By offering to walk a neighbor's dog, they can get exercise themselves and earn some money at the same time. They could even team up with a friend and walk several dogs at once.

Yard work

Most adults can perform yard work but some are not able to because of physical difficulties, or because their schedules may not allow for time to do it. Pulling weeds or mowing grass is not only a good way to earn some extra cash.

Lemonade stand

During the hot months of summer a lemonade stand is an excellent idea for some extra money. A little help from mom and dad might be required if you are actually setting up a booth. Make sure that the stand is in a safe place, away from any major streets. You can also sell more than just lemonade. Popsicles are also a cool treat for the summertime.

Car wash

Most people like to have a clean car, but do not necessarily like to wash it themselves! This is a good opportunity to make money, especially in the summer months. Make sure to get some pointers on car washing from your parents before you start. Pairing up with a friend and working as a team might be a good approach as well.

Now that you have some ideas on how your kids can make some extra spending money, don't stop here. There are most likely some extra chores around the house that your kids can pick up as well. Every little bit helps, and you are teaching your kids a valuable lesson about the importance of earning money. Good luck!

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