What Is Off Highway Vehicle Or OHV Training?

What is off highway vehicle or OHV training? Learn the importance of taking an off the highway vehicle training course. If you've ever thought of driving a three-wheeler or a snowmobile, you may not know...

If you've ever thought of driving a three-wheeler or a snowmobile, you may not know that a little training can take you further than you ever imagined. Off highway vehicle trainers like our expert, Bill Uhl, a professional with 48 years experience in the industry, says training is the key to saving someone's life.

"I teach two things: one is safety; it is always the main focus. The second is skill development, understanding the physics of riding, machinery and different types of machines you will be on, why they do what they do," Uhl says.

Training to drive your OHV will require that you take classes. Training varies with different machinery.

"It depends on what I have been asked to do. If I am taking somebody that has never ridden any kind of vehicle of any sort, depending on the skill level of the students starting determines the length of the class. I have basic one day classes to get people started. It just depends on what skill level you desire to reach under supervision. They can go as long as a week or two weeks. I have been at it 48 years, so you're never out of school; you never stop learning," Uhl says.

One of the most important reasons to turn to professional training is that your body becomes more coordinated.

"I have a double expert class for search and rescue, military personnel, people that have to go anywhere under virtually any condition. They need double expert type training and that does not happen overnight. We have to train the body to automatically react and respond to situations and conditions without having to think about it, and that takes time. So, answering your questions as simple as possible on a beginner's level, you start with a one day course and you allow them to have time to work on some of the very, very basics. Then if you're fortunate, you get an opportunity to work with them again and then, you take them to the next level," Uhl says.

Uhl says there is nothing more important than finding the right instructor for OHV training. Look into the backgrounds of every school you come across.

"What you want the students to be able to do is to learn from a conscious mind point of view. You have to bring learning to a very conscious position. What you do is train the body long enough to make what it has to do unconscious, so the body naturally reacts. For example, when you first start walking as a little baby, you thought about every step and your weight, where your weight was, and how you would motivate yourself forward. When was the last time you thought about how to place your feet when you walk. Riding has to come to the same degree. The body has to be trained to automatically do it without thinking because we are talking milliseconds between crashing and not crashing. As the speed of the rider increases, the less time they have to respond and to react to different situations," Uhl says.

In the end, Uhl says the OHV training has helped save a lot of lives. It gave students the ability to think quick, when it mattered the most.

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