Office Cleaning Tips

You can work more efficiently, stay healthier, and have a clean work space in no time.

When most people think about cleaning their office, the cleaning is more just de-cluttering: removing stacks of papers, sorting through unread mail, organizing bills, and putting books away are only some of the things we all need to do. But cleaning an office goes much deeper. Since many of us spend a good deal of time in our offices, whether at home or elsewhere, we need to make sure our office gets a cleaning as thorough as the bathroom.

If you work in a home office, chances are you let it become a bit more unruly than you would if it were in an office building where your supervisor or coworkers might drop in unexpectedly. Often home office workers have small children and pets that can add to the mess. If your office is in an office building or other establishment, you might have control over the clutter, but the potential for germs is greater because you come into contact with more people. Following is a checklist of cleaning tips for your office.

1. De-clutter. This may seem obvious, but you cannot give your office a thorough cleaning if it is cluttered with paper, books, files, or anything else that needs to be put away. Don't just stack it in new piles, find a place for it and put it away. This process may take a while, but it is necessary to a clean office.

2. Start with your desk. Once your desk is clutter-free, this is the place that needs to be cleaned first. It is the place where you put your hands, where others probably put their hands, and where food or drink is possibly consumed. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Using a soft cloth and any spray cleaner, wipe down every surface on your desk, including computer, monitor, keyboard, speakers, telephone, lamp, pencil holders, paper stackers, and anything else. Do not spray your cleaner directly onto the objects; simply spray your cloth and wipe them clean. Make sure your computer and monitor are turned off before cleaning.

3. Other furniture. If you have bookshelves, a work table, chairs, or any other furniture in your office, wipe those down next. Make sure to do edges, as well, not just surfaces. If there are books on your bookshelves, take them down one at a time and dust them off with a dry cloth or with dusting cleaner.

4. Waste basket. We use our waste baskets for waste and often forget that they can become some of the dirtiest places in our homes or offices. Every so often, give your waste basket a good cleaning with soap and water or cleaning spray.

5. The floor. If you have carpet, vacuum regularly. If you have tiled or another type of hard floor, keep it swept clean and mop at least once a week. If you have a plastic chair roller over your carpet, be sure to clean it as well, using the spray cleaner.

Office workers are often as prone to illnesses as school children, due to the close working environment and poor ventilation. Taking these steps to keep your office clean will reduce your chances of catching colds and other viruses, and keep your office space neat and pleasing to the eye.

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