What Is Offshore Wind?

What is offshore wind? Offshore wind farms are located on offshore platforms to generate pollution free energy and electricity without using land to site wind turbines. Offshore wind projects have been developed...

Offshore wind projects have been developed in Europe. Denmark has one or two and the UK have one or two and that is basically putting like a offshore oil platform, but then putting a wind turbine on it. If the wind tends to be a little bit better and more consistent and you know, because they are offshore, they are not as big in peoples' sight. The problem with it though, is after they run a cable under water and they tend to be excessive run cables like that and in the US, there are so many on land places that have not been developed that would be bigger development sites that people tend to look at those first.

There is a highly publicized project in Massachusetts that is proposed to be like a 400 megawatts probably about over 100 towers, but may be 150 towers. And that is getting definitely some positive and negative press. People have discussed the relative merits of pollution free electricity versus having to look at wind farms.

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