How Olive Oil Is Used In Aromatherapy

Olive oil has various uses in aromatherapy. Learn how it can be used to promote the body's natural healing ability.

The olive tree from which olive oil comes from originated in Asia. Today it can be found more often in the Mediterranean countries. These countries cultivate the trees to produce olive oil, which is distributed throughout the world. In the countries where olive oil is a part of their daily diet, there are far less reported cases of heart disease and heart failure.

Olive oil has many therapeutic effects for the body: olive oil aids in the stimulation of digestion and metabolism. It is also good to apply to dry skin. Olive oil is 100% fatty acids and vitamin E. Olive oil with the high vitamin E content is excellent in promoting healthy skin growth. It is also used to strengthen nails, and soften cuticles. Try taking two cups olive oil and doing a olive oil manicure, rather than a modern manicure, you will be pleased with the results.

The fatty acids in olive oil are known to help lower blood cholesterol levels.

When choosing an olive oil it is best to get extra virgin oil, this is a more purer oil. The purer oil will be a golden-yellow color and this insures that the oil has been cold pressed. The oil that is green has extra ingredients and is not as pure and does not have as good of a taste.

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