How Does One Organize Scrapbook Materials?

How does one organize scrapbook materials? Storing and organizing your scrapbooking materials is important. I have these big, plastic things that have drawers in them. They are probably three feet tall and...

I have these big, plastic things that have drawers in them. They are probably three feet tall and they have two or three drawers in them. The drawers are probably a foot and a half wide and probably ten inches deep. And then inside of those I have smaller compartments that actually snap open and they have different sized compartments in them. I will try to keep them in alphabetical order as much as I can as far as keeping things organized for in advance. I will put it all in a zip-lock bag. So, before I did the Woodstock one, everything that I needed or that I had for the album, as far as everything that I collected while I was there at the festival I had put it into a huge zip-lock bag. And then I put that zip-lock bag into a drawer. I collected things after that, I may have printed things off the Internet, then I would go back and stick it into that bag and I just continue to add to it until I had time to do the scrapbook or until I felt like it was ready. My intentions are that I would like to have collected everything that I needed at the event for the book, but sometimes that's not possible. I have got to kind of go around and scavenge for things that will make the page interesting, because I really don't want to go to the store and buy stuff to do scrapbooking. A whole the huge part of scrapbooking is the organization. If you don't have the organization down, you are going to have stuff everywhere and when its time to do it, you don't know where it is. Alphabetical archives are helpful, so that you know you've got your flowers in one spot, you've got your hearts in another spot, you've got your painting in another spot, and you've got your labels. There are different kinds of scissors that you can use. You could come up with probably twenty different actual kinds of patterns that you can get on a scissor, which can make things different as well.

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