About Online CPR Training for Teachers

By Catherine Grainger

  • Overview

    One of the most important skills a teacher can have is the ability to perform CPR. Teachers spend a significant amount of time with people, especially children. There could be any number of instances when CPR is needed in the classroom, in the cafeteria, on the playground and on field trips. However, one important thing that teachers do not have a lot of is time. The Internet offers the chance for teachers and others to learn CPR in the comfort of their own home, in their spare time and for a price they can afford.
  • Benefits

    The Federal government requires teachers to be CPR certified for employment in any public school. Earning your CPR certificate online is easy and inexpensive these days since many universities offer the course throughout the year. In the past, teachers would have to wait until a course was offered in their community or in one close by. In addition, taking the CPR course online allows the participant to work at their own pace and on their own schedule.
  • Time Frame

    Completion of the CPR course is usually achieved within 7 hours, and can be finished in as few as 4 hours at several CPR training websites. You can either complete the entire course at one time or divide the course into several segments and finish the course another day.

  • Features

    Online CPR training includes every aspect of in-person training, the difference being that your training is done in a virtual classroom. You will learn all of the required CPR skills through realistic interactive simulated assessment and experiences. All of the federal and many individual state requirements are included in online CPR training courses.
  • Warnings

    Before you register with an online CPR training course, make sure the website is legitimate and that all standard criteria are included in the package you purchase. While online CPR training courses are for the most part legitimate and inexpensive, there is still the potential for unscrupulous individuals to attempt to take advantage of the unwary. To protect yourself, browse carefully and investigate thoroughly before you decide on the CPR course you choose to take.
  • Choices

    There are quite a few different types of CPR training for teachers available. When making your choice, be sure to read through the websites carefully.
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