About Online Schooling to Become a Lawyer

By Linda Ray

  • Overview

    About Online Schooling to Become a Lawyer
    Before entering law school, students must earn a bachelor's degree, which is can be done online at many universities and colleges. To get accepted into a law school, the degree must be from an accredited school. As online learning becomes more common, law schools offer more programs online as well.
  • Pre-law

    Look for four-year colleges that offer pre-law programs. While there is no specific pre-law curriculum, those that are geared toward an advanced law degree prepare students for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and help set the student up for a specialty. As more attorneys specialize in their practices, online schooling to become a lawyer can be tailored to a specific field beginning at the undergraduate level. Four-year degrees that could benefit law students include majors in criminal justice, psychology, business administration or economics. Most law schools require candidates to have a 3.2 grade point average for admission.
  • LSAT

    The LSAT is an admissions test required for entrance into an accredited law school. Online study guides that prepare students to take the exam range from quick study guides to classes led by instructors. Organizations such as Kaplan provide a wide variety of LSAT prep courses that cost about $1,200. Books and electronic study tools are available for much less and can be found at sites such as Mo Media and The Test Prep Center.

  • Live

    While there are a number of online law degree programs available, many students enjoy the interaction that they can get from schools that broadcast live courses over the Internet from online schools such as Abraham Lincoln University School of Law. The program sets up evening hours during which students can log on and ask questions and receive class summaries from a live professor. Chat rooms are utilized to set up study groups and discussion forums. While never setting foot on a campus, these high tech schools can provide all the benefits of an in-house law education.
  • Internet Schools

    Distance education has been an acceptable way to earn a Juris Doctor (JD) degree for decades. Many schools, such as Northwestern California University School of Law and Concord Law School, have been providing accredited educational programs through books, written correspondence and videos prior to the technological explosion that brought schooling online. They are experienced in distance learning delivery systems and have incorporated the latest technology into their programs.
  • Mainstream Schools

    Established institutions such as Duke University, Southwestern Law School and Boston Law College offer most of their courses online. While some require students to attend in person to interview, take final exams and perform speaking assignments, the majority of the coursework can be managed through the web-based assignments.
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