Online trivia games

Where can you find online trivia games and how to play.

The internet has become a source for almost anything that one could imagine. One past time that many people enjoy is playing trivia games either for fun or for the learning experience. Online trivia games have become a popular way for people to test their knowledge against others all around the world. The internet is full of many different choices to fit anyone's skill level and interests.

The-Trivia is an online trivia game in which players can earn cash prizes. Registration at this site is free for those wishing only to take the practice trivia, but will cost starting at $1 per game to win prizes. This site has all general trivia knowledge in a wide assortment of categories from sports to history.

Uproar is another popular trivia site. Registration at this site is free. Uproar allows you to play up against other players from around the world in the game of Trivial Pursuit. Test your knowledge and skills and see if you can beat other players. You can also play solo with categories such as music, movies, and television.

One site that has become popular with the bulletin board crowds is Fun Trivia. They allow a user to set up a private trivia tournament for a specific group of people. Many use these as a supplement for bulletin boards that they post on. The tournament host (the person who sets it up) is able to search and choose from many different categories. The site tallies up points until the end of the month when a winner is announced. Scores are based both on speed and the amount correct. Registration at this site is also free.

Another way for internet users to earn a little money while playing trivia is at It Pays to Learn. This site is also free. Members can take quizzes over and over in many different categories with three different skill levels and earn points that will translate into money later. It is by no means a quick way to earn lots of money, but it will get you a little bit.

Game Pipe is another website that has trivia games available. On this site, you can play against up to 50 other people. The categories include music, movie, history, and general trivia. Playing can earn you Game Pipe tokens which you can redeem for "tickets" to enter into drawings for cash and prizes.

Yahoo also has a large trivia section available for download. This game features over 7,000 questions in 9 different categories. Players move up the ladder not only by answering questions correctly, but a little bit of strategy is involved as well. Once this game is downloaded onto your computer, it will automatically update the questions so that you will never see the same question more than once.

For those who like to have a time limit on their trivia, Game Room has a 2 minute trivia game under the Third Age area. This trivia has general, random categories. Each question is on a separate page, so fast clicking and reading abilities is definitely a plus. How many questions can you guess correctly in 2 minutes?

Whether you are an expert or a novice, you are bound to find an online trivia game that is right for you. If any of the above are not what you are looking for, a simple internet search for trivia games will yield many other options. Trivia can be fun, but also challenging. Good luck!

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