What Are The Best Options For Your Bathroom Window Treatment?

What are the best options for your bathroom window treatment? Wood and faux wood blinds are excellent choices for window coverings in a large bathroom. Now in the bathroom we use a lot of the wood blinds...

Now in the bathroom we use a lot of the wood blinds or the alternative wood blinds. Simply because the honeycomb shades, although we can put water on them, and actually I have a honeycomb shades in my bathtub and it's gotten wet and you would never know it, you wouldn't want to get them soaked. Most often people choose wood or alternative wood because they have the impression that they are going to damage the honeycombs but you actually can use it... any three of those in there and be perfectly fine. The bathrooms that are being built these days are so large; the humidity just doesn't concentrate itself enough that it hurts what's in that bathroom, dust is more of an enemy than the water in the air. In bathrooms, another thing people tend to forget about is the glass brick windows. A lot of people have a misconception that that actually stops people from looking in at you and it really doesn't. What we normally do on that, because people have paid a lot of money for that glass block, is to honeycomb shade because it rolls up to basically nothing up at the top that is... it just stacks so small that they can roll it up during the day and it doesn't block what they want to see which is that beautiful glass block and then we usually put just a little decorative out across the top and then they can even see that the blind is underneath.

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