How to Order Business Cards Online

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    If you are a working professional, you need a business card. Business cards are a great way to network, to get new clients, to give to potential employees, and to hand to people who ask for your contact information. If you own your own business, business cards are also essential to market your business and to gain returning customers. Ordering business cards online is easy, and there are many places to order from. You can customize your card design as well as the information that will appear on it.
    • Step 1

      Choose the number of colors you want on your business cards. Most retailers will offer one or two colors and full-color business cards.
    • Step 2

      Choose your business card design. Most sites will have many business card designs from which you can choose.

    • Step 3

      Upload an image from your computer to put on your business card. Or, if you have already designed your own business card, you can upload that file to most business card printing sites.
    • Step 4

      Enter your information in the form provided by the site, such as the phone number and email address you want to appear on the business card.
    • Step 5

      Select the type of card stock on which you want your business cards to be printed. You can select from matte and glossy finishes, as well as standard, medium and heavy card stock. Most retailers will require an additional fee for a glossy finish and medium or heavy card stock.
    • Step 6

      Choose the number of cards you want to order. The average order is typically 250 business cards, but you may order more or less cards to meet your needs. Two-hundred fifty business cards typically cost between $10 to $20 on standard card stock with a matte finish.
    • Step 7

      Preview the business card before you check out to ensure you are satisfied. Make any changes you want to before purchasing your order. Enter your shipping, billing and other payment information in the form provided on the checkout page. Choose your shipping speed, and place your order.
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