Why Has Organic Gardening Become So Popular?

Why has organic gardening become so popular? Chemical fertilizers are a relatively new gardening technology that was developed to increase yields from farming during World War II. Back then, everyone practices organic gardening techniches and composting was commonplace.

Before World War II almost every gardener was an organic gardener. They didn't even have chemicals available. During what we call the "green revolution," we started applying modern technology to farming because there were a lot of food shortages, so chemical companies stepped in and came out with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. For years and years, preached that chemical fertilizers were more efficient than the other less technological methods like composting. This became the future of farming and gardening. Now we're finding that it is not working out quite so well. Forty or 60 years later, these things are causing aquatic pollution that is getting into drinking water, it's causing a lot of erosion, pests are becoming mutated and they are developing immunity to these chemicals. So we are finding that a lot of chemicals really aren't working as efficiently and also people are becoming aware that they are actually ingesting fruits and vegetables that are laced with chemicals. People then realized that this may not be the healthiest thing in the world. Another key point is that organic gardening isn't just the farmer in overalls witha pitchfork and a pile of manure behind him. It's becoming pretty technical. In the store here we have fertilizers that we call biofertilizers that actually have specific cultures -- beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi -- that have been raised in lab situations and these cultures have been shown and are known to have symbiotic relationships with the plant's root system. So we are now getting cultures that we know plants like and we're putting them into the organic fertilizers. Now the plants are going to be able to utilize the fertilizers quicker and more efficiently. We are gaining so much more knowledge about it and now technology is kind of getting on our side a little bit.

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