What Organic Gardening Products Do You Recommend?

What organic gardening products do you recommend? Kelp meal and liquefied seaweed are two of the best organic gardeing products you can use on your plants. And one of the best compost methods is something known as "compost tea." Don't drink it, though.

With pest control, I like to do companion planting and sacrificial crops. These gardening techniques, right of the bat, these are my favorite. When it gets down to the products that the consumer is going to buy, my top favorite organic pesticide is any type of garlic based spray. There aren't too many of them. Garlic based spray is not really a pesticide but a pest repellant. So when you spray your plants with it, it leaves a residual sulphur on all of your plants. Bugs don't like sulfur, so it keeps the bugs off -- it doesn't even give them a chance to get on your plants and eat them up, and it keeps off a broad spectrum of pests. It will keep off caterpillars, verticillium scale, mealy bugs, almost everything. So that is almost the "secret spray" that you can put on your plants. And also the pepper based sprays are really good. They use the natural capsin that is in peppers and that keeps the pests off as well. I don't like those as much as the garlic, because with the pepper you have to be careful because you can burn the plants a little bit, but the pepper works same way, it's a repellant. So those are by far my two favorite products for pest control.

My favorite prepared compost is earthworm castings. There is no question about that, because it is the most microbially active compost. It is the most broken down. It is easier to work with and you don't need a lot of it. There is also connection between earthworm castings and pest control because we actually make a lot of what we call "compost tea" using earthworm castings as the base. To make this compost tea, you get a gallon of water and put a tablespoon of earthworm castings in the water with a teaspoon of honey, turbinado or molasses and shake it up really well. You can also put a little air bubbler like an aquarium air pump in there or just let it sit overnight. Then you strain it to get the particles out of it. Then, you can spray your plants with it. When you spray your plants with it, it helps keep some insect pests off but it also will prevent or get rid of a lot of fungal infections like black spot or rust that naturally occur. There's actually a little pest control advantage to using the compost teas, specifically with the earthworm castings.

For just growing hearty, healthy plants, I use liquid kelp meal. The liquids are a lot easier to use. You can do it weekly. The plants uptake the nutrients through their leaves themselves as opposed to using a granular top dressing in the soil. Liquefied seaweed is really rich in potassium, so when you put a new plant in and you want to get healthy root growth or you're sowing some seeds and you want to get a quick seed germination it works great. Liquid kelp or seaweed is also rich and a lot of micronutrients and vitamins that the plants need, but use it in conjunction with other fertilizers. The seaweeds are really only taking care of the potassium.

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