Why Is Organic Pest Control Considered The Future In Insect Repellent Options?

Why is organic pest control considered the future in insect repellent options? Organic or natural pest control business is growing because people are starting to realize the problems of chemical products.

Insects will always find a way into a home. Whether it's via the basement door that doesn't shut all the way, the attic window that has a small crack, or just the everyday usage of the front door, insects and bugs will somehow find their way into your home.

And while immediate removal of the insects is usually the first reaction for most homeowners, experts will tell you that it's nearly impossible to completely remove every insect or bug from your home.

Instead of completely removing bugs and insects, experts advise that homeowners should attempt to control the problem. The most common way to control any insect problem is by using insect foggers or having a company come out to spray your property. One the newer and safer ways to remove insects from a home is by using organic pest control.

Mark Ruben has been working for Nature's Best Pest Management for 16 years. The company started in 1978, and they have specialized in organic pest control for the past seven years. Ruben said that the organic pest control method is very different from the old ways.

"We are completely different," he said. "In most cases, I would say 75-80 percent of pest control companies are going to spray something on your property. They will either spray the outside or the inside. We do absolutely no spraying. We inject natural products by using baits. The targeted insect is eliminated by feeding. The pest will be reduced by feeding them outside. They do not have to come in your home."

"Once they are set outside and the population reduces dramatically, there is no reason to spray chemicals," he added. "We change the environment in which they live so that they do not want to live where you are at. We actually drive the insects out of the house and reduce the population dramatically outside."

"You're never going to get rid of anything 100 percent because they have been here a long time before us," he said. "The key is to reduce them to the point where you do not notice them. If I could do that, why would you care where they are?"

A very popular method of removing insects, Ruben said that the organic pest control business is growing faster and faster and compares it to the organic food surge.

"It is growing," Ruben said. "I looked into this business ten years ago, and people were not ready for it yet. However, it is a growing industry."

"Look at how organic and natural foods have taken off.," he said. "People use fine organic and natural foods in beef, chicken, and poultry. It is growing every year, and the demand is rising. People are starting to wake up. It is coming from the main sectors. Chemicals are losing, and organic is growing. It has been growing every year for the past 25 to 30 years since the 1960s. The younger folks, especially, are coming out of college. They are very well educated, and they want to know what hurts their bodies and what does not."

"In ten years from now, I would not say that most people will be using organic pest control, but I think that there will be less people spraying," he said. "You are already starting to see the movement start to change. People are saying, 'I do not want you spraying in the house.' So we put baits out, which work just as well."

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