How Is Your Organic Soap Different Than Organic Soap Bought In The Store?

How is your organic soap different than organic soap bought in the store? Learn how different organic soap varies from company to company. I have checked all the ingredients at the typical retail and grocery...

I have checked all the ingredients at the typical retail and grocery stores. They are not usually 100 percent natural. If you go and look at their ingredients, you are going to find TEA or DEA chemicals. These can be cancerous chemicals. If you go to stores that sell natural products, they aren't necessarily eliminating those chemicals from their products. We use what's called French milk process to create soap. This means we make the base of the soap. We let it dry for about 2-3 weeks, so the lye actually dries out and dissipates. Every soap has lye in it. Most soap companies don't do that. They make their base soap, and they throw in peppermint oil and the ground peppermint leaves mixed in with it. What happens is the lye will actually dissipate all those properties of the oil and the leaves. So you're really not getting any benefits from those natural products. You are getting a soap that has a peppermint scent that will clean, but you are not getting a soap that's going to relieve any type of muscle aches or stress. The soap will also not contain any antiseptic or anti-inflammatory properties. We are one of the only companies that use the French milk process. There are a few others out there that use it, but the majority do not.

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