Organization And Storage Tips For Your Christmas Ornaments And Decorations

Are your holiday decorations a disorganized mess? Check out these organization and storage tips for your Christmas ornaments and decorations.

It happens every year. After the busy rush of the holiday season, it all comes to an abrupt halt and you have to do the inevitable-- you have to put away all of your holiday ornaments and decorations. It's not usually a fun job, but there are ways to make the task more enjoyable. By using these organization tips, you can tackle the job in no time at all:

-- Invest in some plastic storage bins. If you currently store your ornaments in cardboard boxes in your basement, replace all of the boxes with plastic bins that have lids. Plastic bins are much more durable than boxes and will protect your decorations from moisture and mildew. Look for bins that come with cardboard dividers, which will enable you to store ornaments in their own separate cubby holes. You can get great deals on plastic storage bins after the holidays-- many discount stores mark them down as clearance items, so stock up while they are on sale. If you can't find bins with compartment dividers, save the plastic packing that the ornaments came in and use it to help safely store your ornaments. Plastic bubble wrap is another good way to safely cushion your ornaments once they are in the bins.

-- Designate a storage area. If you have a basement or attic, make sure the temperature is not too humid to store your decorations. If you have the room, designate space in a guest room or closet for holiday storage. Try to avoid scattering holiday items all over the house-- otherwise you will find yourself on a wild goose chase when it's time to locate items. It is best to store everything in one central location, if possible.

-- Weed out any ornaments or decorations that you don't use. Now is the time to go through your collection of ornaments. Are there any scratched or tarnished items? Do you have ornaments that you haven't used for the past two or three Christmas seasons? Now is the time to get rid of extra items that you don't use. Either give them away, put them aside to sell at a yard sale, or toss them.

-- Organize by color or theme. When you are ready to put your ornaments into bins, consider organizing them by color. If you have a large collection of red ornaments, group them together in the same bin. Or, if you collect snowman or Santa ornaments, perhaps you will want to put them all in one bin. Organize in a way that makes the best sense for you.

-- Separate your lights. Nothing is worse than starting off your holiday season with a web of tangled lights! You should devote a separate bin for storing your holiday lights. Separate the strands and wrap each one around a piece of cardboard. Label each set as you go.

-- Use empty egg cartons for tiny and fragile ornaments. Those tiny, breakable ornaments can be wrapped in tissue paper and stored in an empty egg carton. Egg cartons are also a good way to store extra ornament hangers and other small items.

--Label every box. Be sure to label each box as you go using masking tape and a permanent magic marker. Even if you can see through the plastic bins, label the lids with a general description of the contents.

-- Put items that you will need early in the season, like advent calendars or a wreath for the door, in a box that is clearly labeled and accessible. By the 1st of December, you may need to get to just a few of your holiday items, so make sure that they are in a bin that is stacked on top and easy to find.

-- Purchase a long, flat bin to store holiday wrapping paper, gift bags and tags. The after-holiday clearance sales are a great time to stock up on wrapping paper and other gift-wrapping accessories for next year, so make sure you have ample storage for these items as well. In lieu of long, flat bins, you can look for hamper-like plastic bins made specifically for gift wrap storage.

Finally, by taking just a little extra time to organize your decorations at the end of this season, you will be setting yourself up for a more enjoyable holiday season the next time around.

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