Organize The Bedroom

Organize the bedroom! You can make the best use of the space available in your closets, chest of drawers, dresser and make your bedroom easy to clean and also easy for you and your spouse to find items you need without searching.

Organizing your bedroom can change your life in the sense that when you are in that room it will be neat and orderly and so much more enjoyable. Let's face it, you spend a great deal of your life in the bedroom.

Let's start with the chest of drawers and the dresser, you probably have about five drawers and if you use this space wisely you'll be able to go rightto the items you are looking for at the moment. Start with your underwear and decide to you perhaps want this in a couple of drawers, one a lady, you might want to put bras and panties in one drawer and slips and girdles in another. A smaller drawer might be used for stocking and another smaller drawer for your socks. When you put in the socks for example from

the laundry sort them into pairs and fold together and you'll have a matching set of socks to wear everytime.

You may have a separate jewelry box but if not, get some of those containers from the fishing department that these fishermen use for their lures, etc. and put a matching set of earrings in each slot, some of these have 24 slots and some 36 and will hold a lot of sets of earrings. You

can get ones with bigger slots for the necklaces. Rings will also fit into a small box. Then you'll know exactly were those favorite earrings are and the matching necklace also.

Fold all of your shorts for the summer and put in one drawer, neatly on top of one another, another drawer might hold your night wear such as matching sets or night gowns. If space permits you might have a drawer for summer night wear and one for winter nightwear. Then you'll have those sweat tops and the pants, fold those neatly in another drawer. Just take whatever particular type of clothing or items you might to have in the bedroom handy for your use and put them in a neat order and don't forget to rotate the

underwear every month or so as you'll get more wear.

Depending on the size of your closet you may be able to store a lot of items. First of all let's get the blouses hung by colors all together, the short sleeve together and then the long sleeve together. Depending on if your preference is to hang sweaters or fold neatly in drawers you will either put them in the drawers or hang on hangers.

If you will look at your stores you'll find skirt hangers that work wonderfully for saving space.

You can buy them for hanging either four or five skirts at a time. These are really handy.

On the top shelves of your closet you'll want to put your purses and yes ladies have lots of purses, side by side will work perfectly. Then you'll need a shoe rack that can be mounted on the door or perhaps you'll like it better if you get a rack that can fit on the floor or perhaps

both depending on your shoe collection as we ladies do like our shoes.

If you don't have a separate linen closet for the bedding you might want to store this on the top shelves of the closet for easy axcess.

If you will make up your bed each morning and get into a habit and when you take something out of each drawer, put it back in the original space you'll find you will love your neatly organzied bedroom, in fact I can guarantee that

you will.

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