How To Organize Your House

Here is an article on how to organize your house.

The challenges of running a household are demanding. You must become organized and use both time and money well. When you save time doing housework, you have more time to spend with your family. When you save money on every day items, it allows you to buy extras that the whole family can enjoy.

The best way to keep cleaning at a minimum is not to make a mess. This is not always possible when you have children but there are ways to make clean up easier.

If your toddler loves to fingerprint, allow him/her to do it in the bathtub. Put the child in a bathing suit and set the paint tray on the edge of the tub. When the child is finished, tape his/her artwork to the bathroom wall until dry. Then, wash the child and the tub. Everything will sparkle within a few minutes.

When children are playing games that contain many pieces let them use only one game at a time. This way, the pieces don't become mixed up and when it is time to put them away, you won't waste valuable time sorting.

Child-lock drawers discourage toddlers from emptying contents to find a treasured item. To prevent mess at meal and playtimes, use a drop sheet and shake it our rather than mop up spills and crumbs.

Mail and newspapers can cause a lot of clutter. Buy a tiered box or rack to put in your hallway. Sort mail and slip it into the slots. Newspapers should be placed in magazine racks.

Use tin canisters to store small toys such as toy cars and action figures. Let your child decorate the container with paper, fabrics or paint. Referring to it as a "treasure box" will encourage your child to use it. I have found this works for my grandsons. It gives them a feeling of self-worth to know they have decorated a special container where they can store valued possessions.

Paint stripes on the floor of the garage in fluorescent colors to create parking spaces for you children's toys and bicycles. Children are delighted to have their own "parking space" just like Mom and Dad.

Barbie dolls fit into a shoe bag very well. Buy one with a clear plastic front and attach it to the inside of a closet door. Your child can then choose the doll she wants to play with easily and will not have to drag out each doll.

Another use for a clear plastic shoe bag is for the storage of mittens, scarves and hats. Let the smaller children use the lower pockets while the older children use the upper ones. This keeps closets well organized. Clear plastic shoe bags have yet another use. Hang one on the inside of your pantry door to store your kitchen utensils.

Large toy boxes look nice but it is impossible to keep them organized. Toss them out and replace them with shelves. Buy a quantity of clear boxes and fill them with small toys. Your children will be able to find the toy he/she wants to play with without emptying the entire box.

There are many uses for your child's artwork. Instead of trying to display every new creation, save wrapping paper and paper towel rolls. Roll the artwork and place it in the tube for organized storage. You can make an art portfolio out of heavy paper. This can slide behind a dresser or entertainment center where it isn't seen but is easily accessible.

Another idea for your child's artwork is to use it as wrapping paper for special gifts to parents, grandparents and other relatives. They will be delighted with the extra bonus.

To keep artwork from taking over your home, hang a piece of colorful yarn or string in your child's room like a clothesline. Attach artwork with colorful plastic clothespins.

To erase crayon marks from wallpaper use a hairdryer to warm the wax. Wipe with a damp cloth and a drop of oil-based soap.

To remove children's greasy fingerprints from wallpaper, make a baking soda and water paste. Apply to fingerprints and let dry. Brush off dried baking powder and the fingerprints have disappeared.

Wash down walls with dish detergent mixed with water. This works like a charm and the walls look as if they have just been freshly painted.

An easy way to dust is to slip an old sock over your hand. By doing this, you can use both hands to dust.

Old flannel sheets and diapers make excellent cleaning rags as do old towels and tea towels. Cut into various size pieces and you have a cleaning rag for every occasion.

You can save two hours of time per week by having the local laundromat do your laundry. Phoning in your grocery order can save another two hours if you ask the store to deliver it. Order anything you can by phone to cut down on errand time. The costs are minimal and will give you approximately five extra hours a week. Now, you can also pay your bills by phone and this saves another one to two hours weekly.

By following these helpful hints, you will be amazed at the extra time you'll have to spend with your family. You will feel more relaxed and family time will be much more pleasant. Enjoy!

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