Organizing A Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower is simple with a little planning and strategy. Instructions for easy entertaining.

When you make plans to throw a baby shower, there a few decisions that need to be made.Start planning the shower a couple of months before the date of the party.You will want to consider making the shower later in the pregnancy months, but not too late to cause the expectant mom stress.Decide if the shower is to be a surprise event or pre-planned with the expectant mom.If it's not a surprise, you will want to work with the mom-to-be to determine dates, the guest list, food items, cake flavors, color schemes, etc.If you decide to go the surprise route, you will find yourself becoming very sneaky as you plan the event.

Once you have your date scheduled, it's time to really start planning. Work with the expectant mother to get an idea of who to invite and how many people will attend. Will the guests be friends and/or family and/or co-workers?Will the shower be for women only or will husbands/boyfriends, etc. be invited?The answers to these questions will help you determine the amount of food, the size of the cake, and the number of games you may decide to play. A smaller shower will be much more intimate but a larger shower may reap more gifts for the expectant mother.

Once you have an idea of the number of attendees, the next thing to decide will be the theme of the shower.Is the sex of the baby known or unknown?This will help determine your color scheme.If the sex is known you may want to do special invitations that will include "Baby Girl" or "Baby Boy".If the sex is not known you have a wider range of color choices.Packaged invitations can be purchased with appropriate lines to fill in the critical information or you can get creative and produce invitations using your home computer.There are many invitation packages available at the local office supply store, which come complete with pre-folded cards and matching envelopes.If the mom has registered for gifts, you may want to insert a note with the registry information included.

Once you have the date decided, the invitations purchased, the theme and color scheme determined, it's time to concentrate on the party itself.Depending on the time of day the shower will take place will help you determine your menu.If the shower is around lunch time, you might want to consider serving something like finger sandwiches, chips and dips and cheese and crackers.If the shower is in the afternoon, a lighter fair may be in order.Sometime simple like a fruit salad and vegetable tray may be all you want to offer your guests. The cake can be purchased or made by the hostess, depending on the wants of the expectant mom and the creativeness of the hostess.Choose a cake flavor that compliments the preferences of the mom-to-be and the theme and color scheme of the shower. The bakery located in the deli section of the corner grocery store may provide the perfect theme cake for the shower and at a much reduced price than you may find at a regular bakery.

Decorations can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose.Streamers and colorful balloons make inexpensive party decorations.Consider a simple corsage for the mom-to-be made of baby socks that can be purchased or handmade. Themed plates, napkins and table cloth add a nice flair to a table setting.An elaborate center piece will really jazz up the party or you can use the shower cake for the centerpiece.Consider filling small, plastic baby bottles with theme colored candies and tied with pretty ribbons to present to the attendees as party tokens.

When the shower begins, place the mom-to-be in a comfortable chair in a place of honor in the room.The gifts should be placed close to her for ease in opening.One person should be responsible to list the gifts as they are opened with the recipient noted to help her with thank you notes. Depending on the crowd invited, games may be appropriate for the baby shower.Simple games with just a few steps are the easiest when you are dealing with a crowd.Since the shower is in honor of the mom-to-be, consider making the prizes for the games baby gifts that will be opened by the prize winner, but presented to the expectant mother.Inexpensive prizes, like baby socks, pacifiers, and comb/brush sets make great party prizes.

One fun and easy game is to fill a large, brown paper bag with assorted baby items.Each person playing should have a small amount of time to feel around blindly inside the bag to determine the contents.Make a list of the items inside the bag and the person with the most correct items on their list wins. After the game, present the bag of goodies to the mom-to-be.

If the shower is to be given at the expectant mom's office, it may be a little trickier to pull it off.The shower should be held during the lunch hour or directly after the work day ends to make it easier for scheduling.You may want to plan on a smaller shower for an office setting inviting only the department of the expectant mom.One large gift that everyone can contribute to may make it easier for co-workers than shopping for a person they may not know well; however, collecting money for the gift purchase may not be as easy as it sounds.Simple refreshments should be served but shower games may not be appropriate for an office setting.

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