Organizing Your Cd Collection, Multiple Ways

Here some ideas for different ways you can organize your CD collection.

There are some people like myself who have their music CDs strewn all around their car, their desk and their home. Some of the plastic CD cases have gone missing, half of the CDs are currently in the plastic CD covers without the paper insert and then there are the plastic CD covers that have no CD within. In fact, I'm lucky if I get a few good listening sessions with a CD before it goes up to CD heaven. Then there are people like my husband who have taken CD organization to a new level.

One way to organize your CD collection is to invest in a CD binder that is large enough to handle all of your CDs. If you own hundreds of CDs you may want to invest in more than one binder. Make sure the binder is made of a material that is long-lasting like leather and that can withstand the elements it might be put through. For example, if you tend to leave your CD binder in your car, you will want to make sure that its exterior is durable enough to protect the CDs within from the heat and cold. These binders usually consist of several pages that can hold anywhere from two to four CDs to a page. This is an efficient and compact way to organize and store your collection. You will want to store the plastic cases that the CD came in elsewhere, like in a box or plastic storage bin. Within the CD binder, you can organize your CD collection in several different ways. If you do have tons of CDs, perhaps you can buy different sized binders for the different music genres. For example, you can have one "Jazz" CD binder, one "Electronica" CD binder and one "Rock" CD binder. This way, you can pick up whichever binder you are in the mood for.

Some CD collectors want to keep their original CDs in perfect shape, so they will store and organize their CD collection online. They will burn an exact copy of the CD or convert the CD to MP3 format and keep their music collection on the hard drive of their computer. Then they will simply store the original CDs in a box where they will be untouched. This is an excellent way to store and organize your CD collection because there is no limit to the several ways you can organize the files. You can keep all of your different CDs in one folder named "My Music" and have several folders listed underneath with the names of the artists (for instance "Radiohead). Within the specific artist's folder, you can have a different folder for each album that you have burned. For instance, within the "Radiohead" folder, you could have "The Bends," "OK Computer" and "Hail to the Thief" with the songs stored in their respective folders. By storing and organizing your CDs online, you can create different CD mixes of your favorite songs.

The other way to organize your CD collection is by using the CD towers that can be found at most department stores. Go through your CD collection and sort through the CDs by genre. Create one pile for "Rock," one for "Jazz," one for "Rap," one for "Pop," and one for "Classic," or whichever types of genres you possess. Once you have the genre piles all set, you can organize the collection alphabetically by artist name. Once the CDs are all organized, you can start to put them in the CD towers.

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