Does Organizing Your Home Mean You Have To Become A "Clean Freak"?

Does organizing your home mean you have to become a "clean freak"? Cleaning your home and gaining organization does not mean that a person will become a "neat" or "clean freak.". Also known as a "Neat Freak",...

Also known as a "Neat Freak", very few want to be labeled as a "Clean Freak". It conjures up images of the "Stepford Wife" syndrome or the one aunt who had a "glass house" while you were growing up and no matter how hard you tried, you could never escape without at least one exaggerated sigh or sharp word about "messy kids". So does organizing your home mean you have to become a "Clean Freak"? Lorie Marrero, who is the owner of "LivingOrder", a professional organization company that creates organizing solutions for homes and businesses, says, "The answer is no, you don't have to become a clean freak. People tell me all the time 'Oh, brother, I wish I could see your house.' I have kids. Is my house perfect? No way! People live there - two kids and two adults - so there are always a few things out of place or small messes. But can I find something when I need it? Do I know where my Philips head screwdriver is? You bet! Is everything always exactly the way I want it? Never! But there is always something that you are going to have to work on. As long as you have the attitude that it's never going to be perfect and you can accept that, you'll do fine. And you don't have to be a clean freak."

Home organization is about being able to live comfortably in your surroundings. Having a house that is always "perfect" would be anything but comfortable. How could you ever relax if you were constantly worried about messing something up? But not wanting to be seen as uptight is no reason to avoid organizing your home, either. Just as one can not be at ease in a sterile, cold environment, it is equally as hard to feel contented in a chaotic, cluttered one. So, hanging up the sign "Excuse the mess, we live here" only applies if it is a unanimous statement by all members of the household and you can honestly say that it doesn't hinder your quality of life.

Many people find other excuses to put off home organization. Lorie gives another example: "Some people have told me that they work better if they can see their work spread out around them, that they have more creative inspiration when they can visually look at everything... I tell them that, 'If that's how your brain works, then that's ok'. I think that it is just an excuse, but I let them have it at first and then I ask them a lot of questions. After they hear a few of their own answers, eventually they begin to realize themselves, that they are only making an excuse to avoid organizing their home."

So, If you ever find that you are standing amongst all of the clutter, trying to convince yourself that there is a good reason behind it ,it's time to get serious about organizing your home Focus your energy on a plan to eliminate the clutter instead of thinking of excuses about why it is there. Stop defending the mess!

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