Organizing Ideas For Your Bathroom

Organizing your bathroom can be fun and easy. First you need to clean out clutter, and then you can add pretty storage spaces to corral all your things.

The bathroom is one of the most used, and smallest, rooms in your house. Every inch of space needs to work hard to corral all the stuff stored there. Thankfully, it's easy to organize your things and create the storage room you need in any bathroom with a few tricks up your sleeve.

First you need to clean out the clutter. It's best to pull every last thing out of your bathroom, and lay it out in another room so you can see just how much stuff has been hiding in there. Next, start to sort by making a keep pile, and keeping a garbage bag close at hand for chucking the unwanted things.

As you look through all the medicines, make-up, hair brushes, and other miscellany in your bathroom, you should ask yourself questions about each item. Is it still good? Do I use it? Can I find a place to store it?

Expired medication should be tossed. Make-up may need to be thrown out (check for separation in nail polishes, flaking in eye shadow and blush, clumping in mascara, and an off-odor in anything else). Unused hair brushes, combs, barrettes, and such can be discarded, too. You can also consolidate like things as long as they have similar expiration dates.

It's easy to keep your bathroom organized if you stash like things together. For instance, make-up should be placed together with face lotions and washes, while shaving items can go with hair cutting implements. Before reassembling everything, make sure you group all similar items.

Once you have sorted everything, you can put your bathroom back together. There are two ways to organize your room. You can use existing space more wisely or add extra areas to help catch all the clutter. The storage space in your bath also doesn't need to be solely functional; it can be beautiful, too.

Starting at the sink, where most bathroom functions take place, you should look at your existing storage space. Do you have a medicine cabinet? If you do, is it big enough, or should you replace it with a larger, dual-cabinet? Many bathrooms only have a mirror above the sink. If adding a medicine chest is not practical, you should consider adding a shelf along the bottom edge of the mirror or hanging baskets on the wall next to it.

Next, consider the vanity, if you have one. The counter space here tends to be a catch-all. Once cleared, the counter can be a place to organize often used items. Consider grabbing a large mixing bowl from your kitchen (or buying one specifically for the purpose), and filling it with soap or toilet paper. Do the same with cotton balls, cotton swabs, and any other small, often-used items by placing them in clear apothecary jars, old trophies, or any other creative container you can find. The display will be not only fun, but practical by keeping your most used items close at hand.

Before placing things back into the vanity drawers, stop by a container shop or department store to buy small baskets or boxes to keep everything separated. You can also use small, square porcelain dishes (sometimes used for Italian cooking) found in antique or specialty shops or any container you happen to find and like.

Under the sink, add a wire shelf to increase storage vertically. Gather up cleaning products in a caddy so you can tote everything you need all together when spiffing up your newly organized bathroom. If you'd like to pretty-up this area, remove the cabinet doors, and replace them with an apron of fabric to match your shower curtain. The small sink curtain will add inches in a tight bathroom, since you will no longer need to open up cabinet doors to get to the contents underneath.

If you don't have a vanity, you lose a lot of storage space. Don't despair, however. Find a freestanding cabinet to add more room to store your bathroom goodies. Don't limit yourself to the bathroom department at a home improvement outlet. Any cabinet will do, so be creative: an old dentist's locker, a pie safe or old broom cupboard all offer potential if you have space to spare. Another imaginative option comes in the form of a wrought iron pie stand. These towers were used to stack pies for display. By adding appropriately sized bowls, wrought iron pie stands make a pretty, vertical storage choice.

If you don't have much room to add a freestanding cabinet or shelving, look for something to go above your toilet. So often, this space goes unused. However, with the addition of an étagère (a cabinet or shelves with space underneath for the toilet) or a small shelving unit, this space can finally become functional. Just remember that your shelves or cabinet should not extend past the depth of your toilet tank. Otherwise, some unsuspecting visitor could bump their head, or accidentally pull the whole thing down.

Moving on to the shower, it may seem we don't have a lot of choices. Thankfully, many new storage items are available for this spot in the bathroom. Hanging shelves can slip over your shower head to provide a place for shampoo, conditioner, soap and washcloths. There are also small plastic or metal baskets that adhere to the shower walls with suction-cups. If you really want to save space, consider getting a shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispenser. These wall-mounted containers clear up the edges of your shower stall so you don't knock over bottles, and don't need to pull everything out of the way when you clean the shower stall.

You should be able to organize your bathroom in an afternoon. Once done, you can easily maintain order by regularly going through your bath items, getting rid of the junk, and sorting the rest into groups. You'll marvel at the difference, and never have to hunt for a roll of toilet paper or buy soap when you already have some again.

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