Organizing Paper Clutter

Tips for organizing paper clutter! Ever feel like the paper monster is chasing you from room to room. Here's how to get rid of him.

When you look around your house do you ever get the feeling that the paper monster is lurking in every room just to drive you crazy? There is only one thing to do: get rid of that paper monster now and every day.

Mail: When you retrieve your mail sort it right away into bills personal, junk and information. File it accordingly right away.

New phone book: As soon as you receive your new phone book change over any info from the old one and then place the old in the recycling box.

Catalogues: Place you new catalogues in the magazine rack and take a quick look at the expiry date of the others. Put any old ones into the recycling box, immediately.

Magazines: When you buy a new magazine check to see if there is one you can give away to the used book store, hospital or library.

Bills: Make the cheques out or phone the bills in and then file the receipts in the file box. That way, they are cleared up until the next lot and you know exactly where to find them if you need them.

Remember to have a large envelope listed INCOME TAX receipts for the current year. As the statements that pertain to income tax come in, like charitable receipts or stock statements, put them into this envelope so if you have to find a current income tax receipt it's right there. This is so handy when you go to figure out your tax at income tax time. Remember too to put your filled bank books here as well. Just pull out this envelope and all the receipts are there along with the government forms they sent. More people spend hours looking for a receipt and of course their nerves get raw. Something so completely unavoidable.

Personal mail: A new address or phone number should be noted in your address book right away. Read the letter and write a response then throw out the old correspondence.

Flyers, junk mail, old newspapers go directly into the recycling box. They only make a fire hazard if kept in the house.

Cheques to be cashed: Place these cheques into your purse along with your bank book so you can take them down the next time you're out and have your bank book updated as well.

Place any checks into your purse with your bank book to cash in the next day.

Before you recycle remember to rip out the plastic windows from the envelopes for the garbage and take any stamps and give to a charitable institution like a church. Place your grocery tapes once you have checked then over into the slots provided at the graocery store to help the charities.

Egg cartons, paper and plastic bags can often be taken to the libray or farmers market or health food store for reuse.

If you take care of the mail right away it only take a few minutes and doesn't pile up and clutter your house.

Coupons: keep coupons in a coupon holder and take to the store when you go. When you get home clean out your purse and coupon holder for expired ones.

Books: Once you're read a book and never want to read it again, give it to the library or the hopital gift shop. They only make messy piles and dust collectors in your book nook.

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