Ornamental Tin Man Craft

By Shellie Braeuner

The tin man, or the tin woodsman, is a character from Frank L. Baum’s famous work, “The Wizard of Oz.” A crafted tin man makes a wonderful gift, and it can serve as a reminder to always take care of your heart and to show how you care for others. To create your tin man craft, you can use recycled cardboard tubes, cans and other household objects.

The Tin Woodman's Story

The Tin Woodsman is a character in the famous children’s book, “The Wizard of Oz.” According to the first book in the series, the Tin Woodsman was once a regular person, a woodsman named Nick Chopper. He was in love with a Munchkin girl and working hard to build the girl a home. But the Wicked Witch of the East put a spell on Nick’s ax so that he chopped off his leg. A tinsmith was nearby and fashioned a new leg out of tin, but over the course of several days, Nick lost his other leg and both arms and finally his head. The smith replaced each piece with tin, but when Nick received his tin body, the smith forgot to add a heart and Nick forgot about his love for the Munchkin girl.

Tube Tin Woodsman

Make a “tin” woodsman out of toilet paper, paper towel or gift wrap tubes. Cut the tubes for the body, head, arms and legs, using scissors. Punch a hole through both sides of the arm and leg tubes and at the top and bottom of the 6-inch body tube. Cover each piece with foil. Push a paper fastener through both holes at the top of the arm and legs, then through the hole at the top of the body tube and spread the flanges. Glue two googly eyes to the front of the head and place the sticker over the heart. Draw a mouth on the face with a permanent marker.

Tin Can Woodsman

Use many different sizes of tin cans to create your own tin can woodsman. Choose a large industrial-size can for the body and smaller cans, such as fruit and vegetable cans, for the arms and legs. Wash the cans carefully and remove any labels. Punch holes through the edges of the cans and use wire to fasten the cans together. Paint features on the head. For ears, cut a slit on each side of the head, using a rotary tool and a metal-cutting wheel, and insert small can lids into the slits. Paint bottle caps silver or leave the bright colors and attach them to the front of your tin man with paper fasteners. If the woodsman will be handled, especially by kids, use a rotary tool with a grinding stone to smooth any sharp metal edges.

Tin Woodsman Scarecrow

The bright reflection on the metal and the clanking sound it makes frightens birds and beasts from your garden. Open both ends of tin cans of various sizes. Punch holes on the sides at the top and bottom of the largest cans. String these cans loosely together with wire. Nail two large stakes together to form a cross. Push the bottom of the cross through the large cans and attach the wire from the top can to the crosspiece. This allows the large cans to swing freely and clank against the post. Thread smaller cans on both sides of the crosspiece and nail in place. Paint a face on a large can and balance it on the top of the crosspiece. Hang bright silverware from the ends of the crosspieces. Push the bottom of the post into the ground.

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