Oscar Night Party Ideas: Invitations, Menu, And Theme

Hosting an Oscar party? Get inspired by some of these Academy Award theme party ideas.

It's a cool crisp February night and the celebrities are out dressed in their finest, all competing to win that famed gold statue called Oscar. Meanwhile, millions of people wait anxiously at home in front of their televisions to see the arrival of the stars on the red carpet, to see who is wearing what and to see what actors, directors and crew members walk away with the golden honor. All your friends will be staying up to watch the Academy Awards, like yourself, so why not throw an Oscar Night bash? If you want your party to be as smashing as the Academy Awards after-parties, then why not use some of these ideas.

* A party is not a party without a swanky invitation. Why not design the invitations to be like the envelopes the presenters open up to announce the Oscar winner? Using a long sheet of heavy stock paper, fold the invitation up as a tri-fold. Close the invitation up with a gold seal (you can find inexpensive gold stickers at the crafts store) or, if you want to get truly fancy, with a wax seal. Make sure within the invitation, you start off the party details with "And the winner is..."

* The Academy Awards are a long, drawn-out affair, often ending late at night, so instead of having the Oscar party start when the Academy Awards start, have it begin one to two hours before the actual start of the event. This way you will have time to watch the pre-shows together with your friends and make fun of the celebrities' dresses and outfits.

* Since you and your guests will be stationed around the television most of the night, you do not need to prepare a five-course meal. Serve movie-inspired finger foods like popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, different kinds of candies and ice cream. Of course, if you want to be a little more fancy, you can serve classier appetizers.

* For decorations, you can put up old movie posters or create your own large Oscars. On poster boards, trace and cut out Oscar shapes and spray paint them gold. Hang these Oscars all over your living room and near the entrance of your home.

* To give your guests first-class treatment, roll out the red carpet for them. You can buy a small roll of red plastic or cheap red cloth and put it in your front entrance. For the paparazzi effect, have a Polaroid camera near the entrance and take a snapshot of each of your friends as they walk through the door. Ask them to autograph the pictures on the bottom with a black sharpie.

* Hand out awards at your Oscar party. Before the actual party, have your friends and guests fill out Oscar ballots with their predictions. Award the person who predicted the most correct winners with a movie-inspired award, like a gift certificate to a movie theater or a gift certificate to a movie rental business. You can even hand out fun awards like Best Dressed or Worst Dressed.

* Before the guests arrive, print out sheets with your guests' names and post them on different pieces of furniture in your living room. These will be the spots that your guests sit, much like the pre-chosen seats at the Oscars.

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